The Six Unconventional Ways to Lose Fat

12 Jul

We live in a world where people want results and they want them yesterday. Crash diets, 24-day challenges, zero carbs, liquid diet - you name it. A majority of the people who have tried "quick fixe...

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BLG'S On The Road

28 Jun

Travel often? Find it difficult to maintain structure while on the road?Five concepts to create a strong insurance policy when you are on the road: Sun Goal: 20 mins per day on 40% of your bodyWhy:...

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Stress - Shift Your Paradigm

20 Jun

We all experience stress in some form or fashion. It should be made clear that if you're stressed you will not be able to lose body fat like you are suppose to - plain and simple. Why not?Stress ha...

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Sunlight: The Next Frontier For Weight Loss

14 Jun

Give your body what it needs and your body will heal itself. Adequate sleep, quality nutrition and daily movement are great ways to reach the body you've always wanted but there is one key variable...

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The Six Ways to Improve Sleep

31 May

Sleep is the number one thing you can do to remedy fatigue.  What impact does it have on body composition? Allows for appropriate intensity during training Helps regulate blood sugars Eliminates ...

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The Power of Protein

24 May

Majority of people, especially females, do not eat enough protein to make positive body composition improvements. Main reasons why protein is so important: 1. Thermic effect of protein 2. Cellular ...

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The Principle of N.E.A.T.

11 May

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis Low intensity movement throughout the ENTIRE day. Your goal should be at least 10,000 steps each day. The two big reasons this is important...lymph draining and ...

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Open Gym In Austin, Texas

19 Apr

Clients demand more time to train and being restricted to a specific time is very limiting. The concept of an Open Gym in Austin, Texas or availability of gym space with no formal group classes inc...

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A New Model of Fitness

19 Apr

Apr 19th 2017

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Why is an Assessment Crucial to Your Success?

14 Apr


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