Personal Training For a Quarter The Price

21 Sep

Braxton Walcott came to Central Athlete with the goal of improving strength—primarily measured by his back squat.He has done just that. “My squat is a testament to the programming. The weeks of sin...

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CrossFit Central Inbody Promotion

06 Sep

What are you made of? Find out by completing a body composition assessment. Body Composition: A method of describing what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and body water WHY TE...

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How to Stay Consistent With an Inconsistent Schedule

29 Aug

Michael Gallagher came to Central Athlete in October of 2015.He had moved from California recently and was looking to replace his old CrossFit gym. His intentions were simple: 1. Continue to see me...

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Tired of Being Basic... You Should Be!

18 Aug

Megan Ream is a 44 year old mother of two and a part time Physician's Assistant. From the moment we met there was no question that being stagnant was not an option for her, whether it be in her car...

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You're Not 18 Anymore, Stop Training Like It!

12 Aug

Aug 12th 2016

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Functional Training For Body Composition

28 Jul

Training for Body Composition...You’re Doing it WRONG Tired of running endless miles, spending countless hours in the gym moving from machine to machine or laying on the ground after an intense wor...

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4 Steps to Increase Testosterone

27 Jul

21 Day Plan to Boost Testosterone “Doc, I think I have Low T” – men everywhere The all mighty Testosterone. Fellas are familiar with this “mecca hormone” and try everything to increase it, especia...

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