Best Gyms in Austin, Texas

20 Mar

People often ask me, “What is the best gym in Austin?” After spending the better part of a decade working and participating in the Austin fitness scene, my answer is that there is not a definitive ...

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Three Keystone Habits for Fitness and Wealth

15 Mar

Humans are creatures of habit and majority of our clients have careers that are anything but consistent. This fluctuating work environment may sound appealing at first but over time it often leads...

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Case Study: Chad Seiders

13 Mar

Chad Seiders came to Central Athlete after years of CrossFit Group Class Training. He was seeking answers because he began to see his progress come to a halt, as well as reoccurring chronic injurie...

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Optimizing Body Composition

01 Mar

Before we get into the sexy stuff that everyone wants to hear, we’re going to preface this with how we structure improving someone’s body composition. Imagine a pyramid. Now imagine trying to bui...

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Why the CrossFit Group Training Model Will Eventually Fail For You

27 Feb

Jesse O’Brien here. I am a previous CrossFit affiliate and have been a part of the CrossFit community since 2008. I have seen the tremendous growth of CrossFit, the evolution and even some of their...

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How Your Friends Influence Your Physique

23 Feb

If our friends are obese, we have a 45% increased chance of being obese ourselves. This can be shockingly painful to hear, but it’s true, according to ongoing research. Our parents were right when...

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Why Your Fitness Plan Is Doomed to Fail AND 6 Empowering Steps Toward Long-term Success

20 Feb

Why Your Fitness Plan Is Doomed to Fail AND 6 Empowering Steps Toward Long-term Success by Jesse O’Brien It’s that time again: New Year’s! For some, this is the time to leave the past behind, learn...

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Kaizen Health Retreat

09 Feb

The Kaizen Health Retreat is a two day, three night health and fitness retreat presented by Central Athlete. This will take place in an exceptional setting, at a private Ranch in Tarpley, Texas. The retreat will be geared around health, fitness and these four components: Education Experience Movement Relaxation

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Nutrition for Mental Acuity

01 Feb

Experiencing yet another mid-afternoon slump? Feel like you HAVE to have another cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage? If you eat a typical American breakfast then chances are this is you. A...

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What Is Your BMW?

24 Jan

No, we aren’t talking about the latest year model of the 328i. BMW is a catchy phrase that we use to describe one of our assessment models - Body, Move, Work. This model is designed to illustrate ...

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