The Four Benefits of Conscious Breathing

25 Jul

On average, you will take around 16 breaths per minute. This means you will take 23,040 breaths just today and 8,409,600 breaths this year. Out of all those breaths, how many can you remember takin...

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10 Progressional Core Exercises

17 Jul

The benefits of having a strong core span far beyond chiseled abs and improved confidence during swimsuit season. By now, we already know that six-pack abs are made in the kitchen, but a strong cor...

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Stop Dreaming About Your Goals and Make Them a Reality

27 Jun

Are you continuously sitting around, just hoping for your dreams and fantasies to come true? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, those fantasies will never become a reality if a...

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The Top 10 Glute Strengthening Exercises

19 Jun

It is safe to say that the stronger the posterior chain (the muscles along the backside of your body, such as the spinal erectors, glutes, and hamstrings) the stronger the individual. There are bod...

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Quick, Easy & Delicious Meal Prep Recipes

11 Jun

One of the biggest challenges for those looking to improve their nutrition is finding recipes that are not extremely time-consuming or difficult. Lucky for you, the only type of cooking that happen...

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The Power of a Fitness Assessment

06 Jun

Great fitness programs can only be created through a deep understanding of each individual client. A comprehensive fitness assessment and ongoing assessments and consultations are truly the gold st...

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How to Prevent Getting Sick

30 May

Progressive overload is imperative in order to see long-term progress and success within a training program. Unfortunately for some, there may be things standing in the way of the ability to contin...

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Understanding Food Intolerances For Better Results!

20 May

Many of the individuals at Central Athlete have the common value of continual growth. For some, that means working towards increased performance inside the gym and for others, it means using health...

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Cluster Training: A Complex Method of Progression for Intermediate and Advanced Athletes

09 May

There comes a point in time where linear progressions and simple undulations in volume and intensity are no longer effective in producing progression. After several years of consistent strength tra...

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Big News At Central Athlete!

15 Apr

In the fall of 2014, I was into my sixth year of coaching, owning and managing a gym and was on the verge of a serious burnout with something that I was deeply passionate about. Amanda and I decid...

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Ensuring Results Through Technological Advances in the Health & Fitness Industry

11 Apr

The time has come where technology has become a pivotal part of our lives; from driverless cars to solar panel roofs and even the ability to join a live fitness class from the comfort of your own h...

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Understanding Energy Balance For Performance and Recomposition

25 Mar

A strong lifestyle, or basic lifestyle guidelines as we refer to them at Central Athlete, come ahead of any caloric or macronutrient prescription. Movement Water Sunshine Sleep Food quality Breat...

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8 Reasons Why We Sleep

21 Mar

Numerous functions of the brain are restored and deepened by sleep. Whether your primary objective in life is to become the leading sales rep for a global company, improving your talent in a compet...

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What You Do TODAY Becomes Who you Are TOMORROW

13 Mar

You are a product of every decision you make. Who you want to become starts with each and every thought, action and habit you create. What you do today eventually becomes who you are tomorrow. Wat...

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The 6 Supplements Central Athlete Stands Behind

24 Feb

Energy balance, macronutrients, micronutrients and meal timing all have their place in a well- rounded training program, but where do supplements fit in? During our assessment process, we often fi...

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Are Short Term Commitments Doing More Harm Than Good?

18 Feb

Rome wasn’t built in a day and healthy habits aren’t created in a month. Heck, they aren’t even established in several months. Creating an identity shift that allows an individual to exhibit the ac...

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Andy Boerckel's Road to Wodapalooza 2019

13 Feb

Andy Boerckel is a different breed of athlete. His ability to prioritize training alongside his roles as a husband, father and leading performer in medical device sales is the reason he is one of t...

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The Power of Walking

31 Jan

What if there was a highly effective habit you were missing, one that will truly lead to significant results in your health, fitness and general well-being? Something so simple that it is often ove...

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4 Life Lessons and 145 Pounds Lost

21 Jan

We all have aspirations for bettering our lives, whether it’s to receive a promotion at work, scale a business, lose 15 pounds of fat, hit a 2x bodyweight deadlift, or become more mindful.  After y...

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What it REALLY takes to be 6% Body Fat

14 Jan

There is always a sacrifice when it comes to decreasing your body fat, but the amount you are willing to sacrifice will determine which goals are realistic for you. Wanting to make improvements to ...

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The Central Athlete Story

24 Dec

Central Athlete is Austin’s premier strength and conditioning facility with a client-centered focus. Whereas most gyms in Austin offer group classes or personal training, Central Athlete has create...

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Better Energy = Better Entrepreneur

10 Dec

Entrepreneur Stephen Garten joined CA when a friend referred him. He had been unhappy with the one-size-fits-all classes he had been attending for years. “I had been doing group fitness classes fo...

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How To Master Any Skill

10 Dec

As a strength and conditioning coach, it is imperative to take more responsibility for increasing the maximum physical potential of our clients as it relates to their specific goals. The journey is...

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Why Coaches Need Coaches

15 Nov

As a strength and conditioning coach, one of the most profound learning experiences I have had over the past six years has been putting myself through the same process I use with my own clients. ...

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Why Membership Holds Are Hurting Your Progress!

25 Oct

At Central athlete we don’t offer “membership holds” to our clients--this may seem a bit harsh up front but the reasoning ensures long-term growth. By adopting an “always something” mentality, clie...

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The Principles of Adaptation

17 Oct

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”—or in the eyes of strength and conditioning coaches around the world, specific adaptations result from imposed demand, also known as the SAID principle. ...

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Cold Water Therapy ... Is It Worth the Discomfort?

04 Oct

Central Athlete prides itself on delivering the most personalized experience for each client, not only with each client’s individualized training plan but also with the client’s nutritional, lifest...

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Infrared Sauna Use .. Is It Worth the Hype?

20 Sep

There is no denying that proper training and nutritional prescriptions are essential when it comes to increasing performance, improving body composition, optimizing health and reducing pain. But th...

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Periods & Training: How to Sync Your Cycle with Your Workouts

12 Sep

Periods and Training: Ladies and coaches, here is a topic that is not discussed enough in the fitness world but can have a huge impact on your training and mentality. You all know those training ...

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The Benefits of Vibration Therapy

29 Aug

There are many tools on the market that are used to upgrade training prescriptions, enhance recovery—and optimize overall well-being. At Central Athlete, we house three incredible recovery tools th...

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