The Benefits of Vibration Therapy

29 Aug

There are many tools on the market that are used to upgrade training prescriptions, enhance recovery—and optimize overall well-being. At Central Athlete, we house three incredible recovery tools th...

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4 Strategies to Improve Posture

23 Aug

With the advent of modern technology came what’s popularly known as “the desk job,” which can be described as sitting in front of a computer for 8 or more hours a day. Not only did this advancement...

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A Smoothie Without The Sugary Crash?

14 Aug

Whether you are looking to get lean or gain weight, "The man shake" is the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to keep you satiated without a sugary crash! Totaling 636 calories, th...

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5 Quick & Easy Recipes For Meal Prep

31 Jul

There are many myths when it comes to eating healthier, the biggest being that it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. The good news is that cooking meals that support your well-being doesn't...

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How I Lost 10 Pounds of Fat in 12 Weeks

17 Jul

Less Training, Better Guidance. This is the strategy that helped Devon Humphreys lose 10 pounds of fat mass in less than 3 months. The conventional ways to lose fat that are advertised in the med...

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5 Ways to Grow & Adapt

24 Jun

For most of the population, maxing out a deadlift is the least of their worries. But, for that same large population, complacency seems to be their worst nightmare. Continually growing, bettering t...

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Personalized Fitness ... Explained

19 Jun

Fitness manifests in many forms. This is for good reason: individuals have unique requirements for fitness relative to their overall functioning as human beings. Additionally, different people atta...

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Enjoy Fitness and Fend Off Stress

11 Jun

We are lucky to live in a time and culture that provides us with many options for how we can “live.” But, making the decision of how you want to live is becoming more challenging with each passing ...

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How to Grow: Belief

29 May

The fifth aspect of generating an environment suitable for muscle growth can easily be overlooked in a traditional gym setting. Although subjective, and difficult to measure, without this instrumen...

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Progress Forever

21 May

For so many of us, we don’t necessarily love the start or the finish; we love the journey that life provides us. We love to progress and grow throughout our lives. It doesn’t matter what area of li...

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