What it REALLY takes to be 6% Body Fat

14 Jan

There is always a sacrifice when it comes to decreasing your body fat, but the amount you are willing to sacrifice will determine which goals are realistic for you. Wanting to make improvements to ...

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The Central Athlete Story

24 Dec

Central Athlete is Austin’s premier strength and conditioning facility with a client-centered focus. Whereas most gyms in Austin offer group classes or personal training, Central Athlete has create...

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Better Energy = Better Entrepreneur

10 Dec

Entrepreneur Stephen Garten joined CA when a friend referred him. He had been unhappy with the one-size-fits-all classes he had been attending for years. “I had been doing group fitness classes fo...

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How To Master Any Skill

10 Dec

As a strength and conditioning coach, it is imperative to take more responsibility for increasing the maximum physical potential of each client as it relates to their specific goals. The journey is...

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Why Coaches Need Coaches

15 Nov

As a strength and conditioning coach, one of the most profound learning experiences I have had over the past six years has been putting myself through the same process I use with my own clients. ...

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Why Membership Holds Are Hurting Your Progress!

25 Oct

At Central athlete we don’t offer “membership holds” to our clients--this may seem a bit harsh up front but the reasoning ensures long-term growth. By adopting an “always something” mentality, clie...

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The Principles of Adaptation

17 Oct

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”—or in the eyes of strength and conditioning coaches around the world, specific adaptations result from imposed demand, also known as the SAID principle. ...

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Cold Water Therapy ... Is It Worth the Discomfort?

04 Oct

Central Athlete prides itself on delivering the most personalized experience for each client, not only with each client’s individualized training plan but also with the client’s nutritional, lifest...

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Infrared Sauna Use .. Is It Worth the Hype?

20 Sep

There is no denying that proper training and nutritional prescriptions are essential when it comes to increasing performance, improving body composition, optimizing health and reducing pain. But th...

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Periods & Training: How to Sync Your Cycle with Your Workouts

12 Sep

Periods and Training: Ladies and coaches, here is a topic that is not discussed enough in the fitness world but can have a huge impact on your training and mentality. You all know those training ...

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