Change Psychology and How it Applies to You and Your Fitness

21 Dec

The intersection of fitness and psychology is becoming more apparent and evidence-based. The most successful coaches and clients understand that in order to truly be successful, having a basic unde...

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What You Don't Know About Fitness

14 Dec

It stands to reason that if you invest your time and money in taking on a new challenge—say, learning Spanish—you would expect that if you attended your classes consistently three times a week for ...

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Integrated Fitness Facilities in Austin

01 Dec

Strength and conditioning coaches do not have the education and experience to conduct myofascial release techniques and chiropractic services. Conversely, chiropractors and sports therapists—by tra...

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The Difference Between Working Out and Training

08 Nov

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Central Athlete Story

14 Oct

In 2008, my final year of college, I managed to secure a summer internship with Highlands Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Three months in Vietnam with few native language skills left me with m...

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A Teacher's Drive to Be Better!

29 Sep

Every individual comes to Central Athlete for unique and varying reasons; for some it is to consistently see their performance improve and for others it is to increase energy and become more produc...

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Personal Training For a Quarter The Price

21 Sep

Braxton Walcott came to Central Athlete with the goal of improving strength—primarily measured by his back squat.He has done just that. “My squat is a testament to the programming. The weeks of sin...

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CrossFit Central Inbody Promotion

06 Sep

What are you made of? Find out by completing a body composition assessment. Body Composition: A method of describing what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and body water WHY TE...

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How to Stay Consistent With an Inconsistent Schedule

29 Aug

Michael Gallagher came to Central Athlete in October of 2015.He had moved from California recently and was looking to replace his old CrossFit gym. His intentions were simple: 1. Continue to see me...

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Tired of Being Basic... You Should Be!

18 Aug

Megan Ream is a 44 year old mother of two and a part time Physician's Assistant. From the moment we met there was no question that being stagnant was not an option for her, whether it be in her car...

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