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Central Athlete Medicinary

10 Apr

Central Athlete believes that the best way to health is be consistently following the tenants of the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines. However, due to unsustainable farming practices that have depleted n...

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Why I Stopped Drinking

03 Mar

I have always identified as a competitive individual. If I did something, I wanted to do it well and be the best. I believed that if something was worth doing, you might as well get the full experi...

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The Most Powerful Brain Fog Remedy You've Never Heard Of

21 Jan

One of the most common trends the Central Athlete coaching staff observes during their intake process is that despite an optimal amount of sleep, clients feel unrefreshed, groggy, and struggle with low energy and brain fog. Of course, this can be a multivariate situation; however, we need various tools to move people toward health and optimal function. This nebulizer protocol MAY improve circulation in the cranial cavity and deliver more oxygen to the brain. These findings have been confirmed by thermography scans on patients and may be a helpful adjunct to traditional therapies for foggy-headedness and headaches.

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Biological Medicine: How to Avoid the Check Engine Light

05 Dec

Looking at the health of our country and its relationship to the healthcare and type of medicine that we value and subscribe to.

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Four Lab Tests Your Doctor Doesn't Use

17 Oct

When we are not feeling ourselves, and conventional medicine leads us to believe that “there is nothing wrong”, it creates the space for some investigation. When something is amiss with our physiol...

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Pregnant Mother of 5 - Shifting the Paradigm

03 Sep

The Central Athlete coaching staff has the gift of getting to know our clients on a very intimate basis, including their aspirations, their struggles, and the stories that both support and restrict...

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Eight Sleep Mattress Review

19 Aug

[I have written this article of my own volition. The Eight Sleep Mattress is a product that has made such a positive impact on a primary aspect of my life that I genuinely want to share my experien...

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My Daily Nutrition

05 Aug

I’m typically hesitant to share my daily nutrition, not because I care whether people know the details of my health routine, but because I think this is a problem endemic to the fitness industry. A...

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How A Personalized Model of Fitness is the New Training Paradigm

01 Jul

Old frameworks and methodologies evolve, transmute and die through technology, innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge. One such example is personal training, which has been operating as a s...

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How a Cyclical Low-Carb Diet Can Optimize Body Composition and Performance

03 Jun

Carbohydrate cycling is a nutritional strategy that prescribes variance in the amount of carbohydrates consumed per meal or day. Although there is a small body of scientific literature on humans to...

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How I Became Disillusioned With the World

13 May

We are all born into a world that we do not necessarily question. We tend to accept authority figures such as doctors, teachers, and other professionals. We are taught from a very young age that ob...

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Jesse O’Brien’s 12 Habits For Longevity, Mental Acuity and a Lean Physique

12 Nov

I’m a father, husband and business owner, and as anyone else with several priorities on their plate knows, balancing health and fitness becomes a challenge to do consistently. This is where the “Da...

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The Fastest Proven Way to Meal Prep

14 Oct

Setting up your environment for success is one of the underpinning habits that lead to favorable body composition changes, mental acuity, and optimal energy management. Do you have convenient acces...

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Is a Plant-Based Diet Right For You?

13 Aug

Nutrition is a dogmatic subject, with each diet’s devotees being the victims of tribalist tendencies. At Central Athlete we consider ourselves nutritionally agnostic. While one diet may work well f...

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How to Maximize Post-Workout Nutrition

22 Jul

The fitness industry is guilty of giving a one-size-fits-all prescription to the masses on everything from supplements to nutrition to workouts. Maximizing the benefits of post-workout nutrition is...

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Why You Don't Need The Gym

16 Jul

The fitness industry is guilty of overcomplicating how to maintain a lean body composition, optimize markers for health, and maintain mental acuity. From High-Intensity Interval Training to Orange ...

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9 Biomarkers to Track If You Want to Live Well and Prosper

02 Jul

People are used to going to the doctor for their annual physicals and getting routine lab tests performed. Those will give you some information about your health, however, tracking some more specif...

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4 Reasons Lifting Weights WON'T Make You "Bulky"

26 Mar

“But I don’t want to get bulky.”  Ladies, how many times have you thought that? Or heard a friend say it?  The purpose of this article is not only to reduce fear for females that resistance trainin...

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This "Anti-Breakfast" Strategy Increases Fat Burning and Mental Acuity

27 Feb

Over the past 12 years as a strength and conditioning professional, I have had the pleasure to work with more than a thousand clients and hear them articulate their goals. Although these goals are ...

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8 Lessons Learned Dropping from 10% to 6% Body Fat

16 Oct

As a coach, I get to observe the struggles and successes of my clients. I get to understand firsthand what drives human behavior and the things to which people aspire. One theme that is prevalent a...

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The 6 Supplements Central Athlete Stands Behind

24 Feb

Energy balance, macronutrients, micronutrients and meal timing all have their place in a well- rounded training program, but where do supplements fit in? During our assessment process, we often fi...

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What it REALLY takes to be 6% Body Fat

14 Jan

There is always a sacrifice when it comes to decreasing your body fat, but the amount you are willing to sacrifice will determine which goals are realistic for you. Wanting to make improvements to ...

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The Four Principles Of Effective Coaching

17 Apr

In any coach/client relationship, there are traits that are necessary for an effective coaching relationship. At Central Athlete, these are the Four components to effective coaching, and what we ve...

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How to Grow: Breakdown

12 Apr

Looking to get bigger? This is week two of a series of articles that speak to just that. We will continue to touch on all things related to growing—both bigger and stronger. This week the topic i...

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The Top 4 Remote Coaching Platforms

10 Apr

If we know anything about health and fitness trends, it is that impermanence is a consistent theme. From bodybuilding to Jane Fonda to massive globo-gyms—to the functional fitness craze—some posit ...

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How to Grow: Central Nervous System

29 Mar

Looking to get bigger? We are embarking on a series of articles that speak to just that. Over the coming weeks we will touch on all things related to growing—both bigger and stronger. To start: Th...

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The Zen of Remote Coaching

27 Mar

The Zen of Remote Coaching By Elizabeth O’Brien, LPC-S (Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor) I became a remote coaching client of Central Athlete in Austin a year ago when I was struggling ...

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Progressive Overload

22 Mar

If you want to improve your appearance, the main reason you may be failing is because you’re no longer challenging yourself. A completely randomized training program will work for a small amount o...

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Best Gyms in Austin, Texas

20 Mar

People often ask me, “What is the best gym in Austin?” After spending the better part of a decade working and participating in the Austin fitness scene, my answer is that there is not a definitive ...

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Three Keystone Habits for Fitness and Wealth

15 Mar

Humans are creatures of habit and majority of our clients have careers that are anything but consistent. This fluctuating work environment may sound appealing at first but over time it often leads...

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