Articles by Chris Banks

Everything You've Been Told About Your Metabolism Is a Lie

23 Dec

For decades we have all assumed that as we age our metabolism progressively declines to lead to weight gain and lethargy. Studies have disproven this belief showing that our metabolisms stay steady for the majority of our lives. Our weight gain and energy woes are more to be blamed on our lifestyle and nutrition habits.

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What You Can Learn From Tom Brady's Eccentric Habits

23 Nov

Tom Brady's fitness and nutrition habits have been long seen as bizarre and fringe. In reality, there is a lot we should take and create our own habits with.

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Remote Training: Choosing the Right Path For You

05 Nov

Remote Training has become a hot topic since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Many fitness entities scrambled to provide remote training and online services to their clients through zoom or o...

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HRV May Be the Clearest Indicator of Your Health

28 Oct

HRV is an easy to access and important data point to understanding your current health, and a predictor for your future health.

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Four Lab Tests Your Doctor Doesn't Use

17 Oct

When we are not feeling ourselves, and conventional medicine leads us to believe that “there is nothing wrong”, it creates the space for some investigation. When something is amiss with our physiol...

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How Personalized Fitness Saved my Life

03 Oct

My name is Mariana, and I was born and raised in Mexico City. Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I remember going every summer to a sports camp, and during the s...

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Coaching As the Future of Healthcare

16 Sep

Coaches have the ability to solve much bigger problems than they have been given credit for addressing. For decades this profession has been characterized by those who give meatheads bigger biceps,...

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Cooking at Home to Optimize Health

12 Aug

Many people find cooking their own food laborious, time-consuming, and intimidating. However, the predominant similarity among my most successful clients is not their training split, their gym set ...

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Gaining Perspective from a Career Transition

22 Jul

I left police work to make a bigger impact. That in and of itself is an incredibly bold statement, one that may elicit a strong reaction from many camps. Let me explain before you draw any conclusi...

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Strength Training For Jiu Jitsu Players

08 Jul

If you are a sport-specific individual, strength and conditioning training can expand your abilities and accelerate your progress. While there are similarities between many, each sport will have fo...

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5 Workouts You Can Do While Traveling

08 Apr

One of the greatest benefits of working with a coach at Central Athlete is that no matter where your life goes, we go with you. If you are accustomed to working out at group fitness classes while h...

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