Articles by Tyler Villarreal

A Beginner's Guide to The Gym

08 Oct

Each day people become inspired to take control of their health and fitness. For some, this may look like beginning a daily walking practice. For others, it might look like meal prepping or cutting...

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Creating a Sustainable Future: Reforming Modern Agriculture

29 Jul

The human race is growing. With nearly 85 million (1) people born each year, it is costly to feed our growing population on a fiscal level (nearly $8 trillion annually (2)). It’s also becoming ecol...

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Nutrition For Performance vs. General Health

24 Jun

As the fitness industry continues to develop, varied opinions increasingly circulate regarding what one’s nutritional profile should look like. What is all too often forgotten is that every individ...

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Food Hygiene 101

01 Apr

At Central Athlete, we maintain a range of clients with a variety of goals. Most of the goals our clients have are directly related to altering their body composition. While the nutritional prescri...

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Becoming a More Resilient Human

25 Feb

All of us experience stress throughout life, whether it’s intentional physical stress in the gym, the unintentional stress of everyday life, or the major stresses of an accident or illness. In orde...

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Food Logging: A Valuable Tool

04 Feb

There are many ways to alter one’s body composition. With the consistent implementation of simple & effective basic lifestyle guidelines, one can achieve healthy and sustainable levels of body ...

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How to Kick Stress Eating to the Curb

21 Jan

2020 proved to be one of the most stressful years in recent memory. Many individuals developed habits to cope with all of the uncertainty, ranging from positive activities such as regularly exercis...

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The Benefits of Nasal Breathing for Health and Performance

16 Dec

How often do you breathe with your mouth open? Is it agape right now while you’re reading this? Or are you breathing deeply into your belly, using your diaphragm, while your lips are pursed shut? T...

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3 Ways to Reduce Body Fat

21 Oct

When it comes to changing one’s body composition, there are a few variables that an individual can manipulate to elicit the changes they’d like to see. Although one’s basic lifestyle guidelines are...

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How Soreness Plays a Part in Your Fitness Journey

27 Aug

At Central Athlete, we have clients who come to us with varying goals. Some individuals want to lose weight, get stronger, or get out of pain. Generally, though, most of our clients simply want to ...

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6 Lessons Learned from a 14-Week Cut

28 May

In January of this year, I decided I wanted to embark on a nutritional experiment. I’d noticed that an increase in alcohol and poor food choices had started to negatively affect my body composition...

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Why You're Eating Less and Still Gaining Weight... And What To Do About It

02 Apr

Anyone who has tried to make a body composition change through nutrition can sympathize with the following statement: “I’m eating less than I ever have, burning more than I ever have, and I’m still...

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How to Put on Quality Lean Mass

20 Feb

In fitness, people generally have one of two goals related to body composition; to lose weight or to gain weight. In this article, we’ll be talking about the principles that apply to gaining qualit...

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