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Using Personalized Fitness for a Client-Centered Approach

15 Jul

In his book, Change Maker, John Berardi outlines two of the most common approaches to the coaching relationship: coach-centered and client-centered. While a coach-centered approach leans heavily on...

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Your Values Dictate Your Nutrition: Here's How

19 May

This is a guest blog by Sharon Blecker, a member of the CA community! Many of us know how to get back on track when we start to fall short of our performance, aesthetic, or health goals. We tend to...

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Squatting Deep: Knees Over Toes

06 May

“Never let your knees travel over your toes.” This axiom gets repeated during squats, lunges, or any other movement that requires knee flexion. Many of us have been told it’s unhealthy for the knee...

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How We Grew Month Over Month During a Pandemic

29 Apr

The past year has been quite a rollercoaster for businesses of all types. Gyms specifically were hit hard by the pandemic through mandates to close, having to limit interactions, and abiding by soc...

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Why Runners Need Strength Training

21 Apr

For quite some time, the conventional wisdom for improving at running was to simply run more. This isn’t wrong, but we now know that there is more to it. Strength training has a number of benefits ...

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How Your Job Impacts Your Health

15 Apr

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While this is a nice sentiment, I don’t think it’s completely accurate. No matter how much you love your work, sometimes it’s still…work...

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Turning a Problem Into a Revenue Stream

17 Feb

All of the best entrepreneurs have one thing in common - they solve a real problem that their customers are experiencing. When Jesse and Amanda embarked on the journey of opening Central Athlete, t...

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5 Things I Learned On My Quest To Qualify For the Boston Marathon

11 Feb

One of the best things about fitness is that so much of what we learn in the gym (or on the trails, or the roads, or wherever we spend our time) can be applied to life outside of the gym. I spent t...

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The 5 Most Impactful Books We've Read on Health and Fitness

14 Jan

Central Athlete puts a big emphasis on striving for growth, for our clients and for our staff. One way that the coaches do that is through weekly education meetings where they review program design...

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6 Ways to Stay on Track During the Holidays

03 Dec

While the holidays will certainly look a little different this year, the struggles people have will remain the same (and may even be exacerbated by not being able to be with family.) How can you st...

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How Personalized Fitness Supports a High-Performance Lifestyle

29 Oct

From jazzercise to Zumba to the growth of CrossFit and SoulCycle, fitness trends rise and fall every few years. As we learn more about how the human body works and what drives behavior change, soci...

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What The Fitness Industry Keeps Getting Wrong

08 Oct

The fitness industry has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the last decade, primarily due to an increase in technology through wearables and products, as well as an increase in the di...

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4 Reasons That Coaches Need A Coach

20 Aug

This is a guest post written by Central Athlete client and River City Strength Coach Dan Jackson.  Of all the successful people you look up to, how many have achieved high levels of health and weal...

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Guest Post: "Old Business, New Tricks"

26 May

This post was written by our client Nat Eliason and was originally published on We loved his insights about how Central Athlete's model can inspire other business owners and hope yo...

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5 Things That Good Remote Coaching Is NOT

21 May

Remote coaching, remote training, remote personal trainer, virtual coaching, etc… you’re probably hearing these phrases a lot more lately as gyms and fitness professionals move their services onlin...

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Training for a CrossFit Competition Without a Gym

14 May

COVID-19 has presented a myriad of challenges for everyone. Whether you’re not used to working from home or being around your partner all the time, or you’re struggling with not being able to see f...

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5 Attributes of a Professional and Effective Remote Coach

08 Apr

With the coronavirus pandemic growing, gyms and other fitness businesses all across the country have had to shut their doors. While this is certainly the right thing to do, it’s left many people in...

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The Anti-Aging "Trick" You Haven't Considered

19 Mar

The world of fitness is filled with different strategies to combat the inevitable -- aging. As we age, we often become more dependent, less mobile, and in a general sense, much weaker. Fitness prof...

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Meal Prep: 2 Easy Recipes + 3 Tips for Success!

12 Feb

Every month, Central Athlete poses a question to our community on the whiteboard. “What’s your most powerful habit?” “How do you relax and recover?” “Who inspires you?”  These questions provide a w...

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Are Your Supplements Really Benefiting You?

06 Feb

Studies show that 50% of Americans take supplements every day, ranging from daily multivitamins to fish or cod liver oils, to various herbal supplements. Unfortunately, most people purchase their s...

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