How to Grow: Belief
29 May

How to Grow: Belief

The fifth aspect of generating an environment suitable for muscle growth can easily be overlooked in a traditional gym setting. Although subjective, and difficult to measure, without this instrumental piece of the puzzle, growth will be extremely limited. Despite your innate potential, the lack of belief that growth and strength adaptation is possible makes the journey a bit more difficult.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right"

This quote stated by Henry Ford is true for anything in life. The effort you put into something is based upon the beliefs in your capability in that specific task. Look around the gym. Who are the people lifting the most weights? It’s those with a strong belief in themselves and the confidence to drive a little deeper into their training. Are they confident because they are strong, or are they strong because they are confident? It doesn’t matter! Change the outlook in the gym and notice that the intention behind the training changes, too, and the results multiply.

This has been true in my own strength training journey. When I lacked the confidence and belief in my own abilities, I would constantly miss lifts and struggle to improve. But, when I changed my outlook and became more confident in what I could do both inside and outside the gym, I improved tenfold. The effort I put into my workouts changed and as a result I got tremendously stronger and moved faster towards my personal goals.

As cliche as it sounds, when you believe in yourself the sky's the limit.

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