October 25, 2018
Why Membership Holds Are Hurting Your Progress!
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

At Central athlete we don’t offer “membership holds” to our clients--this may seem a bit harsh up front but the reasoning ensures long-term growth. By adopting an “always something” mentality, clients are acknowledging that there is ALWAYS something in our lives that can and often does interrupt training schedules. A family issue, doctor appointments, a problem at work that requires long hours, a four day weekend out of town… life is unpredictable, right? If we don’t accept and acknowledge this, and we allow such life events to hijack our health and fitness, we end up with constant, frustrating regression. We open the door for inconsistency, which is the number one “saboteur” of fitness. When you put your health on pause during busy seasons of travel and/or holidays, you’re in a continuous state of starting over. This ultimately becomes a cyclical pattern that results in complacency through yo-yo dieting and a quick-fix mentality.

“It’s the holidays, so I’ll eat whatever I want this month then start fresh on New Year’s.”

“If I work hard for six weeks, I’ll see the results I want!”

It’s commendable to want to put in 100% effort towards your goals, but this “all or nothing” mentality can sabotage your goals of improving your nutrition, health and performance long-term.

Knowing there is an opportunity to start over at any point in time makes it easier to slip up, get lazy and move aggressively into the “nothing” mentality...hint, the popular quote: “My diet starts tomorrow!” This is why goof-off weekends and vacations result in poor behaviors. These minor blips feel both short-term and harmless, but as they add up over time, they can demolish any chance of truly understanding your maximum physical potential as it relates to performance and enhancement of your health.

“It’s the weekend, I’ll crush this box of donuts and start fresh on Monday.”

“I’m on vacation, I can do whatever I want...I’ve earned this.”

It’s impossible to hit the pause button on life, so why is it acceptable to hit the pause button when it comes to our health? Learning how to trek forward in the midst of life’s chaos not only teaches personal responsibility but also allows long-term progress and continual adaptation. Whether on vacation, on weekends or marathon sessions in the office, there is always a way to stay fit, even if we scale back just a little. What’s wrong, in the short term, with taking long hikes, swimming for half an hour or doing a few sets of push-ups, sit-ups and resistance exercises? And speaking of vacations, there’s almost always a hotel fitness center, however minimal. If not, it’s often possible to pay a small fee to work out at a local gym or YMCA. If all else fails, take a long walk or go for a run! Many parks feature convenient fitness stations along the way. Regarding the office, some clients keep a set a weights and resistance bands stashed for emergencies. We wager that if you adopt these habits, you’ll enjoy your vacations, breaks or jobs a lot more. No guilt!

At Central Athlete, we have the ability to work with each client through all phases of life: the calm, stable times as well as the chaos. Of course the plan will continue to change and adapt to support you during these various phases, but it will always provide forward momentum that teaches lifelong, sustainable habits regardless of each unique circumstance.

Take Ownership

The first step in allowing yourself to adopt the always something mentality is to take ownership of your actions within each circumstance. Just because the conditions aren’t easy does not make it okay to throw everything out the window. You have a choice, you are in control. Until you have accepted that you steer the boat in your life, your decisions and daily behaviors, your progress will not move forward.

Ditch perfectionism

Maybe your definition of perfectionism is working out rigorously five days per week while maintaining a perfect diet with zero slips. Maybe your definition is something different altogether, but we know that whatever the definition is for you, it may not be sustainable throughout the ebbs and flow of life, and that is okay. But it is not okay to stop everything altogether and just start over when things calm down. This mentality will ultimately set you up for failure.

Get Guidance

It can be difficult navigating life’s chaos alone, especially while trying to maintain your health and fitness. Hence, having someone to guide you through the process, who understands the necessary focal points to keep you progressing forward without feeling overwhelmed, makes all the difference.

"Central Athlete has helped me stay consistent while traveling. It takes the guesswork out as everything is agreed upon ahead of time with my coach; even if it's bodyweight workouts with no equipment or a drop-in to a functional fitness gym. My coach, Amanda, also helps me make the right decisions for nutrition while traveling in advance so I don't have gaps in my protocol and continue to make progress based on what works for me."

- Personalized Fitness client, Sarah Spagnol

Understanding your capabilities outside the gym is a pertinent aspect of making progress with your health and fitness objectives. Remember that the gym will facilitate better muscle endurance, increases in strength and improved conditioning, but your abs are made in the kitchen. If you develop a plan for how you will tackle not only the gym, but also your nourishment and sleep when life gets crazy, you will unlock another layer of progress and success that many people are never able to develop.

If you’re sick of “hitting the pause button” on your health and fitness goals, click here to schedule a Free Strategy Session with a Central Athlete Coach.

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