February 16, 2023
When You Should Take the Leap into Remote Coaching
WRITTEN BY Christopher Banks

Ok, so you’ve been training for a while either on your own in a globo gym or as part of a group at your local CrossFit box. You’ve made the conscious decision that exercise and nutrition are  priorities. You have enough awareness that there are some things that work for you and some that don’t. You often feel like you are leaving something on the table as far as your progress goes, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is or how you can change it. You don’t want to abandon your gym or environment, but the options available to you don’t give you confidence that these voids can be filled. For you, remote coaching is an option you should strongly consider. 

Missing the Mark by 50%

Whether you are partaking in a group class, following a templated downloadable program, or piecing together your weekly training sessions from things you've learned, your training sessions are probably missing the mark half the time. The reason is simple: if what you are doing wasn’t designed for you specifically, it was probably built out to meet the general needs of scores of people, if not thousands. The intent of these programs is admirable, but the fact is they were meant to appease the masses, not just you. So, some of the tasks in your session will satisfy your needs and wants, but the rest will either be too easy, too difficult, irrelevant, or not targeted to your equipment or abilities. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you realize that the program you are following just doesn’t serve you. 

Still Having to Scale

With an individual program, scaling is a thing of the past. With a templated program for the masses, it’s likely something you have to do on a regular basis. Say pull-ups get prescribed in your downloadable E-Book program. What if you can’t do them? What if it hurts to do them? You are left with a few undesirable options. You either have to put creative time and effort into changing what you are doing on the fly, do it anyway to your own detriment, or elect to do something else that doesn’t give you the benefit, for the time commitment, that a more thoughtful prescription would. 

You Hurt

Templated programs are created for MANY, right? So how can they possibly take into account the fact that your knee or back has been problematic, that you are left in more pain, or have become avoidant of certain movements, just to feel ok? Not only does a customized program begin with an assessment to understand your limitations but also, it is designed to work within those limitations and propel you onto a healing path. We empathize with how frustrating it can be to LOVE training but fear that every week you will be prescribed movements that you dread—movements that you either must skip or that will inflict more discomfort. Break that cycle! Choose to work with someone who can understand what is going on with you and prescribe weekly training sessions that will leave you satisfied and on a more vibrant path. 

If any of this feels like you, we implore you to break the cycle. Find a path that is meant for you. The benefit of working with a Remote Coach at Central Athlete is that you can continue training wherever you like, but with an individualized course that rewards you with less frustration, less pain, fewer questions, and the confidence that you are on the most efficient path to accomplish your goals. Book a Free Strategy Session today.

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