January 16, 2022
Traits of Central Athlete's Most Successful Clients
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

No one starts a fitness regimen with the hopes of stagnating or throwing away money each month by not showing up. Unfortunately, it’s all too common, especially around this time of year, to start a new routine but then fall short somewhere along the continuum. The journey to reaching any goal, including those of weight loss and performance, is not linear. It consists of highs and lows paired with the nuances and chaotic inconsistencies of life. But amidst the unknowns of life, we have found three attributes that make a successful Central Athlete client. Success can mean different things to different people, so we have defined it as an individual who moves consistently and objectively towards their own personal goals and aspirations over an extended period of time. Every person who comes to Central Athlete has a different goal, and because everything about Central Athlete’s services is tailored to the individual, from the assessment to the training protocols and even nutritional recommendations, if these three attributes are maintained, we can confidently say that success is foolproof.


This is by far the most crucial aspect of any successful relationship. As for Central Athlete, the communication between the coach and the client is an integral part of staying committed to the process long-term. Think of this as the glue that holds everything together. Without communication, the plan is no longer tailored to the needs of the client and becomes guesswork at best. This is why Central Athlete offers a consultation each month. But, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are scheduled. Those who schedule consults consistently have the opportunity to spend ample time discussing ways in which their coach can support their lives through flexible health and fitness practices. The unique attribute that makes Central Athlete stand apart from other fitness providers is the fluidity of the program. Because it is 100% tailored to each individual, communication can ensure the client stays consistent in achieving their goals in a way that supports their own personal circumstances.


What we have found through working with over a thousand individuals over the last seven years is that those who continue to show up see the best results and maintain those results over a longer period of time. The biggest problem we face in the health and fitness industry are quick fixes that push too many changes at once. Programs now compete against those whose program sees the fastest results without spending any time on habit creation. If you can take away one thing from reading this article, QUICK FIXES DON’T WORK LONG-TERM! It can be so easy to fall into the trap of changing too much at once which usually involves crushing it for a month and then falling right back into old patterns. In order to be consistent and show up week after week, month after month, and more importantly year after year, there has to be a collaboration between the coach and client. Through communication, a plan can be developed that meets the individual where they are currently and makes slight changes that continue to move them forward without feeling overwhelmed or causing too much of a shift in their current lifestyle. The goal is to create habits that last and can be built upon each month. This is the backbone that guarantees consistency over a necessary period of time to ensure results.

Precision Nutrition analyzed a year’s worth of data from nearly 1,000 clients to find out how much consistency was needed to make meaningful change.

The biggest takeaway from this graphic is that while perfection is hardly necessary, a high degree of consistency is required to see the changes that one wants to achieve.


Although it is pertinent for the coach and client to collaborate together on a plan that fits the goals and lifestyle of the client, it’s important to remember the coach is the expert. Without trust, follow-through can become difficult. This is why it’s essential to work with an experienced and well-trained coach who has the client’s best interest at heart. Central Athlete goes through an extensive hiring process to ensure all coaches have a high degree of both knowledge and experience. When our clients trust that their coaches have their best interest in mind along with the education and background needed to prescribe wholesome training and nutritional recommendations, the conversations between the coach and the client will only enhance the protocol rather than slow it down. Instead of spending the quality time of a consult questioning every detail and nuance of the protocol, with trust, the coach can spend this time gaining a deeper sense of how the client needs support in the different phases of the client's life on a month-to-month basis. Just like communication and consistency, trust is the backbone of any relationship, including the coach-client relationship as well.

Central Athlete’s biggest commitment is to ensure clients not only reach their goals but instill new habits that lead to success and growth for years to come. This takes time but without communication, consistency, and trust, the road to success will feel dark and lonely. If you are a client and feel like you’ve fallen off the course, reach out to your coach today, they want to help get you back on track. If you are not a Central Athlete client and have been looking for a wholesome health and fitness coach that will put your needs first, reach out to a Central Athlete coach today!

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