April 15, 2024
Meet the Team - Amanda O'Brien, Co-Founder
WRITTEN BY Michael Richwein

Meet Amanda, a pivotal member of the Central Athlete team, whose versatility has been likened to that of a Swiss Army knife. While her role has evolved over time, let's delve into her journey.

Amanda's academic journey began with an honors degree in Psychology from Texas State University. However, her true calling emerged a year post-graduation during what she humorously terms her "quarter-life crisis."

At the young age of 23, Amanda took a bold leap, bidding farewell to her full-time job as she embarked on a soul-searching quest. This journey led her to immerse herself in an 80-hour unpaid coaches development program at a local CrossFit gym. It didn't take long for her to discover immense fulfillment in aiding others, a realization that dawned within the initial hours of her internship.

Although she found joy in coaching group classes and conducting personal training sessions, Amanda soon recognized the shortcomings prevalent in the prevailing health and fitness industry.

In 2015, Amanda and her husband Jesse laid the cornerstone for Central Athlete in downtown Austin. Their brainchild emerged from a fusion of Jesse and Amanda's expertise, tried-and-tested strength and conditioning principles, and a burgeoning array of holistic concepts tailored around their clientele.

Amanda's coaching philosophy revolved around empowering clients to achieve their health and fitness objectives by aligning their lifestyles and priorities with a bespoke approach, all while offering unwavering support and holding them accountable. Utilizing precise assessments and measurable metrics, she crafted tailored programs for each individual, ensuring functionality, balance, and injury prevention.

Beyond her coaching duties, Amanda assumed various roles within Central Athlete's framework, including spearheading sales initiatives, overseeing marketing endeavors, and curating online content as well as assuming the mantle of Director of Operations until 2023. Following the birth of her and Jesse’s son River in December 2019, the arrival of their son Finn in 2021, and finally Brooke’s entry into the world this past year, Amanda embraced a new, more rewarding—yet equally if not more challenging—role of “stay at home mom.”

But don’t let that fool you: Amanda stays involved behind the scenes, managing the general oversight of both Central Athlete and Central Health operations, epitomizing multitasking prowess and dedication.

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