March 15, 2018
Three Keystone Habits for Fitness and Wealth
WRITTEN BY Jesse O'Brien

Humans are creatures of habit and majority of our clients have careers that are anything but consistent.

This fluctuating work environment may sound appealing at first but over time it often leads to very unhealthy habit creation.

Below are three simple changes that will help you stay grounded and consistent for long periods of time amidst chaos.

Plan your training:

Block out time each day that you will complete your training - ideally, in the morning before things have a chance to pop up. Treating your training as an appointment with yourself is something Central Athlete coaches encourage clients to do, especially during hectic times.

This will create a snowball effect of positive momentum throughout your day.

Plan your nutrition:

Writing out what, where and when you plan to eat while you’re traveling is step one. The second thing Central Athlete coaches advise is to have an “insurance policy” always on hand. Think of this as a survival kit that contains various healthy options of protein, carbohydrates and fats that you can resort to if pressed for time.

Download Nutrition on the Go HERE for a more comprehensive plan on attack.

The number one predictor for poor nutritional choices is allowing blood sugar to drop below normal values. It’s during these times where the chances of opting for convenient, often unhealthy, choices prevail.

What this really comes down to is planning. Are you going to be able to stay on track if your schedule throws you a curveball?

Have a water bottle:

The first signs of cognitive dysfunction occur at 1-2% dehydration and physical dysfunction occurs at 3% dehydration. Remember, half of your body weight is usually a good starting point.  

The above mentioned changes are easy to do and also easy not to do. The real value comes from the application of these habits not the theoretical knowledge. To learn more about other simple habits you can apply each day and WHY they are crucial to long-term success

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