December 5, 2019
The Secret to Long-Term Success
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

Did you know that training is only a small component of your health and fitness success? It is common to think that working out is the primary building block to reaching your goals, but in actuality, there are other more important factors that are required to ensure long-term success. When it comes to personal training or group fitness classes, many of these factors are often overlooked. This is not due to a lack of care, but due to a system that fails to recognize the importance of additional time outside of the training hour for in-depth conversations. Over time this lack of individual attention leads to stagnation, poor consistency due to perpetual illness, minor aches and pains and/or travel schedules, as well as slower progress both inside and outside the gym. This can be frustrating for both you and your coach.

The solution to these problems is ongoing consultations outside of the training environment. Based on our experience, providing coach-client consultations each month has been instrumental to clients’ progress. We have even seen a monumental difference in the client experience and on-going success when comparing those who schedule these appointments regularly and those who do not. Three of the biggest benefits of monthly consultations are outlined below.

Addressing Challenges

This designated time is imperative for the coach to better understand any roadblocks that could be getting in the way of your success in regards to training, nutrition, stress, sleep, lifestyle, behavioral patterns, and more. All of these are important components that should be addressed to support your goals and needs in a personalized fashion. For those who struggle to get into a solid routine or lack direction, the consultative process is imperative to set realistic expectations that support various challenges you may be experiencing. Success is not always linear, but continual check-ins ensure that you not getting too off track and are continually trending in the right direction despite any dips in the road.

Deeper Understanding of Client

In the end, the fanciest nutrition and training plans will have minimal effect if the prescription is not designed specifically for your needs or is too complex or challenging for you to comply with long enough to see significant progress. Monthly consultations give the coach the ability to gain a deeper understanding of where the biggest impact can be made within your holistic and personalized plan. In order to understand the protocol that works best for you and your needs, a frequent, uninterrupted time for collaboration is necessary.


Like anything else that Central Athlete provides, the direction of each consultation should be dependent upon the client, their goals, struggles, compliance, roadblocks, successes, etc. Sometimes, this time may be spent on a casual conversation that feels more like “catching up” but helps to build trust and camaraderie. Other times the consultation is spent on more complex topics that are imperative for continual growth and success such as reviewing blood work, discussing advanced nutritional implementations, and other behavioral changes that are unique to you and where you are in your fitness journey.

“I have learned a ton about working out and nutrition just from our conversations. When I do have questions or concerns, my coach is always quick to help. The monthly consultations have been a great way to check-in and tweak go-forward plans if necessary.” - Travis Weidower

Unfortunately, it is extremely common for gyms and coaches to focus on training alone. While this is an integral part of an individual’s journey it still causes a huge gap in the client’s experience and long-term success. Brief conversations that are done during a training session around nutrition and behavioral changes lack the time, tools and attention needed to collect adequate information. This leads to generic solutions and a lack of accountability that results in minimal improvements over a long period of time.

If you feel as though you are not progressing as quickly as you would like or that your training and nutrition plan is generic without adequate guidance and accountability, click the link below to speak to a coach and learn more about personalized fitness and how Central Athlete uses monthly consultations to ensure success!

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