November 8, 2016
The Difference Between Working Out and Training
WRITTEN BY Jesse O'Brien

The difference between working out and training is the outcome. Working out is a great model for those who enjoy doing what feels good for that specific day and time, or those who value the community of a group class. Generally, when working out, there is not a specific end goal or a set plan that outlines how to get from point A to point B. Unlike working out, training provides a specific regimen with a clear plan of action that will lead to a specific end goal. The end goal may be running a marathon in a set amount of time, gaining lean muscle mass while losing a percentage of unwanted body fat, or even just incremental increases in strength and conditioning. When working out, people are hoping for a desired outcome, yet with no tangible plan in place. Central Athlete provides clients with an avenue to achieve their goals in health and fitness. Our Coaching staff works with clients who are ready to ditch their usual workout regimen and start training with a purpose. Meggan came to Central Athlete with a specific goal in mind. She was ready to ditch her random workout routine and start training towards a specific and personalized outcome. “Prior to coming to Central Athlete, I was in a group fitness program. I loved the camaraderie of the group, however, I was struggling with a pretty substantial back injury that made working out consistently an issue.” After realizing her workout regimen was not serving her, she decided to step away from the regular group fitness routine. Meggan began to understand that her biggest priority was horse riding and she wanted to follow a program that would support her goal to ride pain free and continually progress in her sport. She knew she needed to address specific deficiencies and needed more personal attention from a Coach who understood her priorities. Meggan and her Coach accomplished this by creating a plan to overcome her back injury while supporting her heavy travel schedule.

“Fortunately my friend had recently become a Central Athlete client and encouraged me to get involved. I am beyond excited that she encouraged me down this path” says Meggan. Meggan started with Central Athlete by completing her Initial Assessment where her autonomic nervous system as well as her strength and stability were tested. Based on the results of her assessment, a long-term plan was developed to correct structural imbalances, while supporting her biggest priority of improving her horse riding ability. In order to decrease her back pain, single leg strength, hip stability and lateral core relative strength were prioritized. Additionally, her Coach, Amanda Martin, emphasized posterior chain strength and endurance to maximize technical efficiency while riding.

“Central Athlete has been an amazing experience so far. I have been able to workout consistently, correct previous foundational weaknesses, and increase my general fitness. Given that horse-riding is my primary sport, Central Athlete and my amazing Coach have been phenomenal in creating a program that is designed to assist my riding while balancing out muscle groups that have the tendency to be over or under developed. At the gym I have found it easier to be consistent during aerobic training and have a better understanding of movement quality. I have also been able to move through workouts pain free.”


Meggan is an On-Site Training Client. This means she has full access to our Central Athlete gym in downtown Austin. Imagine an open gym style atmosphere but with the guidance and structure from her own personal Coach without the expense of a personal trainer. Additionally, Meggan travels frequently which would potentially derail her training routine, but with specific workouts geared towards the equipment she has available during her travel, she is able to stay consistent as well as continue to see the progress that she expects. The accomplishments Meggan has achieved since starting with Central Athlete have been substantial. “In support of my primary goal of horse riding, my back pain has been reduced substantially, I am able to maintain correct posture over jumps and ride with more consistent application of skills due to decreased muscle fatigue. My ability to focus more on technical skills is due in large part to increased strength and fitness levels.”  

“In the gym, my  performance has also  increased. I achieved a  90 second side plank  which is a big one for me  seeing that I started with  a time of sub 40 seconds.  I am able to correctly  engage specific muscle  groups during squats and  have zero pain while  doing lunges now. I have  developed adequate  strength balance and my  pull-up hold improved  from a 10 second max  effort hold to having the ability to accumulate 5 sets of 20 seconds with minimal rest”. Megan has the drive to be better in all areas of her life and has put in the work to see her aspirations come to fruition. Her two biggest goals have clearly been achieved, but she understands this is a long-term journey of continually progressing. She came in with a specific goal and through her consistent health and fitness practices, she has seen her hard work pay off. Don’t take it from the coaches at Central Athlete, take it from Meggan, a young adult with a busy schedule who was still able to overcome the odds to support her biggest priorities in life. “Central Athlete has enabled me to get back to a routine that I love, better manage stress from a travel heavy and high pressure job, as well as support for the most important aspect of my life, horse riding. It has definitely helped me to better round out my life and create balance.”


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