June 19, 2018
Personalized Fitness ... Explained
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

Fitness manifests in many forms. This is for good reason: individuals have unique requirements for fitness relative to their overall functioning as human beings. Additionally, different people attach to fitness differently, from how they define it to how they plan on attaining it and maintaining it throughout their lifetime.

For years the market has supplied consumers with a few options:

Personal Training: A one-on-one setting for the individual who needs or prefers a high amount of attention and coaching. This often yields results in the short-term, but ultimately lacks the ability to sustain and create longevity for the individual or for the coach.  One of the reasons for the lack of sustainability is that this service is geographically dependent on where the client is. Unless you can afford to bring your personal trainer on Spring Break or a trip for your job, expect to lose momentum when you travel. Additionally, this is the most costly fitness option.

Globo-Gyms: Individuals working among their peers without specific direction from a coach or any real community attachment. The primary perks of globo-gyms are having access to lots of equipment, convenience and extra amenities such as pools, varied classes, racquetball courts, daycare, etc. These are fantastic value adds, especially combined with the typically low-end cost model. However, more often than not, consumers attain minimal results due to infrequent usage of the facility tied to lack of accountability. Eventually, an overall detachment from why they showed up in the first place creates a feeling of cognitive dissonance and a negative feedback loop. Tack on a long-term contract with a bureaucratic cancellation process and you are left with clients paying lots of money over a long-term duration, with minimal benefits to show for it.

Group Fitness: CrossFit, Zumba, Orange Theory, etc. Although the models differ slightly in their approach, the overall concept is the same. Everyone working together in a collective environment, doing the same workout, having fun and suffering together at the same time. This model provides a high-energy, intense, experience for the client that establishes a strong connection to the service, model and community.

I lived and breathed this model for six years while owning a CrossFit gym in West Austin. A lot of positive things came from this experience. If you find yourself in a group setting with some polished coaching, you will see a lot of benefit, gain awareness around lifestyle, and make some great friends along the way. However, the drawback for the client in the group model is that although it is fun and the atmosphere is energetic, the individual ultimately loses on the coach being able to tailor to his/her needs and over time, long-term progress stagnates. A great question is to ask “why?”

-Why do burpees support or not support my function?

-Why am I boxed into training for an hour when I can only commit 30 minutes?

-Why do I keep doing knee flexion exercises when my knees hurt for the next week?

With the group class model, the coach is not able to attune to the individual, not because they don’t care, but because the model isn’t aligned with the highest order of caring and service.

My genesis and gateway to physical subculture was through the group class experience—namely CrossFit. Instead of throwing shade, I’d like to embrace my past. Fitness is and was my vehicle for empowerment. I have become a more patient, confident and caring individual since I committed to taking care of myself. However, I will constantly be a student of my craft...constantly seeking new information, refining my techniques and broadening my influence within health and fitness.

Throughout my journey over the last decade, I have experienced and lived the glory and pitfalls of the group class model but ultimately our mission at Central Athlete is to help individuals live a fulfilling life using fitness as our vehicle for empowerment. More than a decade of education and experiences shifted my paradigm, and this paradigm shift gave birth to Central Athlete.

Enter Personalized Fitness: Customized Fitness, in a Community Environment. All the benefits of having your own personal coach for a third of the cost.

-Show up to train when it fits the convenience of your schedule

-Complete your workouts in a fun, high-energy, group setting

-Receive direct coaching feedback

-Monthly nutritional and habit formation (lifestyle/behavioral) support

The market has been waiting for someone to fill the gap between customers’ experience and the results they deserve. Central Athlete has you covered, no matter what you’re training for, at an affordable price. Customization, convenience, community, cost-effective. There are plenty of ways to exercise, Personalized Fitness finds YOUR way.

Ready to begin your journey with Personalized Fitness today? Schedule a meeting with one of our professional coaches today.

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