April 20, 2023
Overcoming Gymtimidation
WRITTEN BY Chris Banks

“Gymtimidation” occurs when you have a normal hesitancy in entering a new gym where you don’t know anyone and fear you are going to embarrass yourself. 

Such intimidation happens in many social settings. 

In this case it happens to pertain to the gym. 

To be honest, sometimes it’s warranted. Often, it’s the narrative that lives in your mind. 

Here is how to beat it: 

First, don’t pick a gym based solely on location or convenience, and don’t settle on it before you check it out in person. 

You need to meet the people…not just the coaching staff, but also the clients who work out there. The vibe is important.

The best question to ask yourself is: “Are these the types of people I aspire to emulate and even be like?”

Why is this so important? Even though you may feel nervous about entering a gym and being seen as the “newbie,” if the people you see and meet are people with whom you identify, there is a good chance that your greatest fear won’t be realized; that is, they won’t judge you.

Finding people who seem to share similar values, those that align with yours, is imperative to diminish your gymtimidation. 

Second, do you have friends or family who have had an empowering experience at a particular training facility? 

These are the people in your social circle whom you respect and trust. You have real life advocates beyond google reviews—living proof that the people you are about to surround yourself with are good, like-minded people

It’s an even bigger benefit if the aforementioned people in your circle are still going to that gym. Now you know at least one person who can plug you into the culture and help you to integrate comfortably. 

Third, know that if you do a solid job vetting the gym you’ve chosen, people are not going to judge you. 

Look, you are going to make mistakes, display bad form, not know how to do something. It’s going to happen. And that’s where the gymtimidation really stems from. No one wants to look like an idiot. These people aren’t going to judge you. More than likely, they will become your biggest advocates! 

We believe that we have forged an incredibly welcoming and supportive culture at our Austin location. If you generally experience gymtimidation, come meet us for a Free Strategy Session onsite. You’ll have a golden opportunity to meet the team and see the client community around whom you’d be training. 

If it’s not for you, no hard feelings!

If you still don’t feel ready to step into a gym, and beginning your training feels most comfortable at home, we work remotely with people all over the world. Schedule a Free Remote Strategy Session today!

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