March 8, 2017
Client Spotlight: Shayna Dunitz
WRITTEN BY Jesse O'Brien

Shayna is a 25 year old female with a dense background running both half and full marathons. She fell in love with the barbell during her short stint with group fitness classes and after moving to Austin from New York and running the Boston Marathon, she was ready to ditch the running shoes and take her fitness to the another level. Shortly after this pivotal moment, she was introduced to Central Athlete. After hearing the benefits of following an individualized program, she hopped on board immediately and started working with her own Central Athlete coach to move towards her goals of improving in the sport of fitness at a competitive level.

Central Athlete takes each client like Shayna through a comprehensive strength balance and work capacity assessment to determine a specific plan and starting point depending on the goal at the hand. For Shayne, her assessment supported her coaches assumption that she needed a broad base of absolute strength and increased power to work towards her specific goals of competing in the sport of fitness.

And so the journey began!

Since working with Central Athlete, Shayna has seen tremendous growth inside the gym and has been open to working on lifestyle habits outside the gym that would also support her goal.

“I am so happy with my progress; its truly impacted my entire life. I half-jokingly tell people that my Central Athlete coach is not only my fitness coach, but my nutrition coach and life-coach as well. Since starting with Central Athlete we have cleaned up my diet considerably, found a good rhythm for training intensity and volume, and built good sleeping and recovery patterns, all the while managing what is sometimes a crazy busy work schedule.”

Shayna works in Downtown Austin at a non-profit organization whose mission is to activate entrepreneurial potential in students around the world through experiential education. Even when she is traveling around the world for her job, Shayna is always diligent about communicating with her coach and stays consistent and compliant. Based on her 30, 60, and 90 day compliance rate, Shayna is at 100% across the board which is an attributing factor to her great results.

Bench press increased 50%.
Scapular stability and upper body pulling strength improved 733% which was measured with a supinated chin over vertical plane static hold.
Backsquat improved 23.8%.
Front end power improved 52.2% which was measured with an Assault Bike max wattage test.

These objective measures are proof that she is moving in the right direction. She has increased both her strength and her power and is continuously seeing progress each week.

“Some of my biggest achievements include the ability to do a strict pull up. I can also do double unders now, which still blows my mind. There have also been a ton of strength gains and successes every week which show that we’re moving in the right direction with training.”

Along with her successes inside the gym, Shayna has also made impressive strides with her nutrition and recovery patterns and is always eager to learn more and test the waters. She even dropped her daily caffeine consumption to help with improved sleep and energy management.

“Outside the gym my diet is about 100x better and my quality of sleep has improved, which positively affects my work in the gym as well as my life outside the gym. I am excited to see what 2017 has in store for me!”

A. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: @3011; 8-10/leg x3; rest 60 sec btw legs
B. Goblet Squat: 100-106lbs; 6-8 x4; rest 3:00
C. Close Grip Bench Press: @30X1; 7-9 x4; rest 2:30
D. Forearm Plank: 30-45 sec x4; rest 90 sec

A: Double Unders: Accumulate 20-25 reps – note time to complete
B: Supinated Pull Up: Top Down; Accumulate 2-4 reps; note bodyweight
C1. Supinated Barbell Bent Over Row: torso 75 degrees from standing; 4-6 reps x4; rest 90 sec
C2. Front Leaning Rest on Rings 40-60 sec x4; rest 90 sec
D. Single Arm DB Powell Raise: @4010; 8-10 x3; rest 90 sec btw arms
E. ALP1 FT @97-99%
6 D-Ball over Shoulder 60#
6 Cal SkiErg
(rest walk 2:30) x 4

A: Axle Bar Overhead Walking Lunges: 8,8,6,6 steps; rest 2:00
B: Batwing Hold: 10 sec x5; rest 2:30
C: Accumulate 7:00 Passive Hang on Rings: (alternating to single arm hangs works as well to help recover) *every break 12 GHD Sit Ups + 20 reverse hyper
D: 3 Rounds NFT
15 RKBS 53#
1/1 tug
40 yard FW 50# DB per hand
1 pull up negative; 10 sec descent
40 yard log front rack carry
(rest walk 2-3 min)

A: YTALW shoulder complex: @4011; 5 reps per exercise x3 sets; rest 2:00
B1. DB Incline Bench Press: @30X1; 5,5,5,4,4; rest 90 sec
B2. Prone DB Row: eccentric slower than concentric; 8-10 x4; rest 90 sec
C1. Incline Row: 10-15 x5; rest 10 sec
C2. DB Push Press: @40X1; 8-10 x 4; rest 90 sec

A: Trap Bar Deadlift; build to an 8rm
B1. Single Leg Slideboard Leg Curl: @4011; 4-6/leg x5; rest 15 sec btw legs
B2. Back Rack Yoke Walk: 1.1.1; 20 years x4; rest 20 sec/rest 2:00
C. Single Arm DB Powell Raise: @4010; 7-9 x4; rest 30 sec btw arms
D. Sprawl: 15 reps AFAP – every 90 sec x 7 sets


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