June 4, 2020
An Effective Home Gym for Any Budget
WRITTEN BY Steven Fritsch

Home gyms have exploded in the past couple of years, beginning with the shutdown of commercial gyms when the COVID pandemic hit. Although life is mostly back to normal, many people have realized they prefer working out at home, or at least having that option. By the same token—workwise—many folks have not, or will not, return fulltime to the office, preferring the convenience of Zooming from home. In addition, the price of gas is at such a premium that we are all trying to ration our mileage.

The convenience of working out at home and the freedom to personalize your own space have revolutionized the way home gyms are currently viewed. But, where do you start when building your own home gym? With so many different companies and options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. Well, fear no more because Central Athlete has put together three templates to help you build out your garage or spare-room gym based on varying budgets! The equipment suggestions provided will cover the basics so that you can get the most utility out of your home gym. Whether you have a tight budget or are ready to build your dream gym, we’ve got you covered with these three models.

Under $300:

This list is perfect for you if you're on a budget and/or also looking to cover the basics while still incorporating some variety. With many different tools to choose from, we’ve nailed down 6 things that you can invest in for under $300 that will give you many utilization options for your workouts.


This gym is for you if you find a lot of purpose in fitness and are looking to invest in quality equipment that will last a lifetime. This more robust equipment list builds on the previous budget model and adds more variety and accessibility to your training program while not spending a fortune.


This level of gym is for you if you don't have budget constraints and continue to invest daily in your fitness practice. Fitness is a high priority in your life and you are ready to build the home gym of your dreams. Here we lay out ways to set your home gym apart from the rest, starting with the squat rack.

Squat stands cover the basic utility of a rack, but if you’re looking to upgrade your home gym, start by investing in a squat rack that will give you the most amount of utility with a full cage for safety, added pull-up bar, and even weight storage. This investment will also maximize your space. Additionally, increasing the number of kettlebells and dumbbells will provide more variety within your training program. In addition to upgrades of squat racks, barbells, plates, dumbbells and kettlebells, we’ve chosen three pieces of equipment that you can add to your gym to set it apart from the rest.

In conclusion, building out your home gym doesn’t have to be as overwhelming and daunting as it may initially seem. Start small, and you always can add more over time. With a budget large or small, home gyms are very realistic and can be optimized to fit your goals and lifestyle. If you need further assistance with your personal gym, or if you’re looking for ways to optimize your training, schedule a FREE strategy session with one of our professional coaches and get started today!

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