September 29, 2016
A Teacher's Drive to be Better!
WRITTEN BY Jesse O'Brien

Every individual comes to Central Athlete for unique and varying reasons; for some it is to consistently see their performance improve and for others it is to increase energy and become more productive outside the gym. We have had people eager to work with us in order to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat and we have had others who aspire to keep up with their kids and be active outside the gym without limitation; the list goes on.

The one thing every single person who comes to Central Athlete has in common is the drive to be better. They are inspired to be better than they were yesterday; at home, in the work-place and inside the gym.

Ashlie, a 25-year-old private pre-kindergarten teacher and part-time college student has transformed tremendously over the past 18 months. Before starting with Central Athlete, Ashlie worked out inconsistently at a local CrossFit facility, dabbled in boot camps, and trained aimlessly at her local globo-gym. She was working hard but unsatisfied with her results. Her energy was lacking, sleep quality was low and her body fat kept increasing. She was tired of feeling like she as spinning her wheels but was unsure where to start.

After our initial consultation we focused first on creating a consistent schedule that supported her overall goals. We changed one thing at a time and focused on water and sleep first. We then increased her consumption of nutrient dense and satiating foods such as green leafy vegetables, and quality protein. Literally just the basics! Eating clean, sleeping well, managing stress, staying hydrated, etc.

After just 12 weeks Ashlie was down 11 pounds and 10% body fat and has been going strong ever since.

“I have always been an all or nothing person which lead to insane inconsistencies across the board in my life. Working with my own coach allowed me find balance and work steadily and consistently towards my goals. I was patient, trusted the process, and now have habits that will last a lifetime.”


In May, Ashlie was nominated to compete with a team at the Camp Gladiator CG games pre-qualifier. We tiered her program accordingly to improve her muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. Out of 259 teams in the nation the “Squats and Tater Tots” team came in 4th place qualifying them for the annual CG games.

Our focus over the next 12 weeks is to prepare and peak her for the competition in November.  

“I see the biggest benefits with my clients when they stay the course and trust the long term process of working together, even during times of high stress, heavy travel and shifts in priorities, etc.,” says her Coach Amanda Martin.

“My goals with fitness have changed with time and it has been refreshing to be able to voice these changes with my coach to create a plan that works,” says Ashlie. “The thing I love most about Central Athlete is they work with you, not against you. Together you can find the perfect prescription that works for you,” she says.

Don’t take it from us coaches, take it from Ashlie; a young professional striving to be better for her classroom, her CG games teammates, and herself!

If you are invested in your health and fitness but are frustrated with not experiencing the results you deserve, click the link below to schedule a free strategy session with a Central Athlete coach. Your hard work should pay off, and Central Athlete is here to ensure that it does!

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