July 29, 2022
3 Reasons Why Women Need a Coach
WRITTEN BY Mariana Martinez

“Lean body, nice butt and toned arms” are some of the results we, as women, strive for
in working out. However, in the past few years women have been trying to shift that
mentality to one that challenges them physically and mentally—a mentality that
embodies the idea that lifting weights, getting stronger and doing more than just cardio
is good for us. But how do I start doing more than cardio if there are so many exercises
and machines from which to choose? A good start would be to hire a coach. Why? Here
are 3 reasons why hiring a coach is a good idea.


You don’t need to be an experienced athlete to hire a coach. When you engage
with a coach, their job is to meet you where you are and leave all of their expectations
aside. It is easy to believe that anyone can write down a training program and produce
some results, at least in the short term. However, prescribing a training program is more
than just throwing a bunch of exercises together; there has to be a plan based on a
system and methodology that is aligned to your abilities, needs and goals. There should
also be an intention behind every training session in order to be successful in the long
run. The coach should be a competent person in the fitness industry with the
qualifications to coach people.


Navigating around a gym can be intimidating. Witnessing people grunting,
moving heavy weights and simply doing things you have never seen before can be

scary. Working with a coach can give you a sense of confidence and tranquility that you
are not alone and that there is someone behind your training program, hopefully
providing relevant cues and tips in order to improve your performance and technique.
It’s difficult not to be swayed by misinformation or harmful messaging that encourages
you to take up less space and avoid certain things—and instead, focus on reasons that
are healthy for you, emotionally and physically, like strength and longevity. The
discipline of working out over time spills over in a positive way to the rest of your life.

Accountability, Motivation and Partnership

One of the most challenging parts about working out can be just that — doing the
workouts, and staying consistent. When you hire a coach you are partnering with
someone who will hold you accountable, who will expect you to show up and get the
work done.
Working with a coach not only will help you work out but also will support you in
creating a routine around your fitness that will have a powerful impact on your daily life.
For women, who are generally less single-minded than men, remaining centered on
your motivation for working out can be tough. Having a partner who can help you
refocus, and who can remind you of your real motivation, is awesome!

To summarize, working with a coach can bring a number of benefits to your
training and also to your life. Having a coach that makes this journey more enjoyable
and easy to navigate will improve your performance inside and outside the gym. If you

feel like you are ready to take the next step and work with a coach, book a strategy
session with one of our coaches to start seeing the results you want to see!

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