Functional Resistance Training is the combination of classic resistance training methods and functional exercises. 

Packaged in a way that produces a lean body composition and athlete functionality.

Thoughtfully curated: 

      For anyone wanting to look good (clothed or naked!)

      For anyone striving to decrease pain and improve energy and performance. 

      For those tired of not being challenged and are left unfulfilled with your training regimen.

We know you will find this approach to training empowering. 

     Those that have a bit of muscular endurance and general bodyweight strength you will have incredible success with this program. 

After getting going, you can expect to develop the strength to stay healthy and able to take part in all of the activities you wish. 

This path will allow you to experience MONTHS of decreased fat mass and YEARS of skeletal muscle mass improvements. ‍

Although this is just a template, you’ll be able to dip your toe into the water of what being a Central Athlete client feels like.

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