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Meet our newest addition to the team at Central Athlete : Mike Pleshar. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Mike was introduced to athletics by his father. His earliest memories revolve around playing ice hockey in the backyard with his brother, on a rink their father meticulously constructed each winter. This laid the foundation for Mike’s passion for sports and honing new skills. While ice hockey remained his primary focus, he also dabbled in baseball and golf throughout his formative years.

It was during middle school that Mike first encountered strength and conditioning training, conducted off the ice. Instantly intrigued, he found enjoyment in various weight training and conditioning routines. As he progressed through his academic and athletic endeavors, he eventually transitioned to the fire academy and enrolled in paramedic school. Spending approximately two years as a firefighter/paramedic provided valuable life experiences, yet Mike felt compelled to pursue his greater passion: a career as a fitness coach.

Amidst this journey, Mike discovered a personal pursuit in the competitive realm of CrossFit. This experience not only expanded his understanding of fitness but also underscored the importance of resilience and the capacity to overcome challenges. Eager to share his wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others achieve their goals, Mike embraced his role as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach upon moving to Austin two years ago.

Mike is excited to join the team at Central Athlete and empower others through fitness and health modalities, where he aims to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible. Beyond Mike’s professional commitments, he relishes all things active, from hiking and paddleboarding to engaging in sports with friends. His journey exemplifies a steadfast dedication to personal growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence in both physical fitness and in enriching the lives of others.

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