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Dalton Ridley

Dalton grew up in Riviera, Texas, where he started playing sports at a young age. He played soccer, football, and baseball in elementary and middle school and quickly developed a love for competition. At 14, his father gave him a weight set, fueling his passion to continue improving through strength training. This was the first step toward a life focused on athletic performance and human movement.

Shortly after high school, Dalton joined the Army and was faced with a new set of physical challenges that forced him to adapt his training style. He took up CrossFit, which immersed him in Olympic lifting and gymnastics. This training, along with other factors, set him apart from his peers and allowed him to earn a position as a team leader. He discovered a new passion for helping his peers make incremental progress toward their overarching goals and better prepared them to meet the demands of the job.

Shortly after leaving the Army in 2018, Dalton moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, where he was pursuing a degree in Biology. He began training and competing in powerlifting — submerging himself into the community. After gaining experience competing, he started coaching clients and continued to learn. This gave him the ability to improve the leadership skills he learned in the Army and assist people in achieving their athletic goals. In 2019, he started working at physical therapy clinics with the dual purpose of expanding his knowledge in injury rehabilitation and aiding his ambitions to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. He developed a new set of tools that he could use to help his clients recover and stay injury-free in their training.

In 2020, Dalton started wrestling as a member of the UT Wrestling Club and training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Because of his training background, he was able to compete multiple times and coach athletes in both sports. This new passion allowed him to learn more about strength and conditioning and how to adapt it to meet the demands of a specific sport. His understanding of injury prevention and strength training has allowed him to help many athletes prepare properly for competition and remain injury-free to continue training.

Dalton is a goal-oriented individual who finds happiness in constantly learning and helping others progress toward their goals, regardless of the scale of their progression. To further expand his knowledge, he is applying to physical therapy school so he can gain a more robust understanding of human movement and injury rehabilitation. His goal is to achieve a complete understanding of the human body, how to rehabilitate it, and how to improve performance so he can help as many people—from as many backgrounds—as possible.

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