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Andy St. Germain

Andy has always had a passion for health and performance. Engaging in sports from an early age afforded him the opportunity to grasp the transformative effects of leading a healthy lifestyle. Born in Brawley, California, Andy spent his first 12 years on the West Coast. His father was a golf professional, giving him the chance to grow up playing golf. But that was only the beginning of Andy’s athletic career.

In the year 2000, Andy relocated from San Jose, California, to Chesterton, Indiana. This move  signaled the beginning of Andy’s wrestling career, which extended through high school and college. His accomplishments included being crowned National Champion during his junior year and State Runner Up in his senior year. The relentless work ethic nurtured by wrestling, alongside the doors it opened, are experiences he will always cherish.

Andy's coaching passion sprung from his involvement in high school wrestling. He offered wrestling guidance to youth club members and lent his expertise to coaching and facilitating youth programs. Shortly after completing school, Andy discovered his ambition to become a professional coach through the sport of CrossFit. Early on, he was deeply committed to competitive CrossFit, channeling coaching as a conduit to invest the necessary time and energy toward trying to become a top CrossFit athlete.

In 2018, Andy retired from competitive CrossFit and took on another level of dedication and commitment to his coaching. He has been heavily involved in the CrossFit space where he obtained his Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates, but as his coaching evolved, he became more interested in health and performance on a deeper level.

In addition to Andy's CrossFit credentials, he graduated from Massage Therapy School, and earned credentials from the Gray Institute and Postural Restoration. CrossFit, Massage Therapy, Postural Restoration, and the Gray Institute have all laid the foundation for Andy to continue growing in the understanding of the human body. He spent time working as a “flexologist” at Stretch Lab, where he helped people overcome injuries and improve range of motion through stretching, manual work, and corrective exercises. His love for the gym is matched with his passion to help people overcome injury, improve range of motion, and support them in living a life free from pain.

Andy believes that confronting life’s challenges give us the resilience to become the people we want to be. The roadblocks on our journeys are the tools we are given to grow and learn about ourselves and become better people. He believes the opportunities he has been given in life, along with the challenges he has had to overcome, have given him a unique ability to connect and care for people. He believes his true life purpose is to help people and to leave the world a better place. Health and performance are platforms that provide him with the vehicle to live his purpose.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or seeking to live a healthier, pain-free life, Andy believes in creating an empowering environment in which people can evolve and improve their lives.

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