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Amanda O'Brien

Amanda graduated with an honors degree in Psychology from Texas State University. A year after graduating she found her true passion in coaching during what she calls, her “quarter life crisis”.

At the age of 23 she quit her full time job and started to question what she truly wanted to do with her life. It was that moment when she began a non-paid, 80 hour intensive, coaches development program at her local CrossFit gym. Her fulfillment in helping others was found during the first few hours of this internship and while she enjoyed coaching group classes and holding personal training sessions, she quickly began to see flaws within the current health and fitness industry.

In 2015, Amanda and her husband Jesse founded Central Athlete in downtown Austin. Central Athlete was then born out of the confluence of Jesse and Amanda’s experience, proven strength and conditioning principles, and an evolving set of holistic ideas centered around the client.

Amanda empowered her clients to meet their health and fitness goals by aligning their lifestyle and priorities with an individualized approach while providing encouragement and accountability. She used specific assessments and measurable data points to build a solid foundation for each individual depending on their function while keeping them balanced and injury free.

Not only did Amanda lead an important role as a coach at Central Athlete she also wore many hats within the business such as head of sales, director of marketing, and content creator throughout the years. After her son River was born in December 2019, Amanda took a step back from the business and became a stay-at-home mom. After her son Finn was born in 2021, Amanda took over the roll of director of operations until 2023 when their daughter Brooke was born. Amanda currently handles general oversight of both Central Athlete and Central Health.

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