November 25, 2023
Self-Acceptance Through Fitness and Community

There are several reasons why many people never end up joining a gym despite their desires to improve their health and/or body composition

- “I’m embarrassed to try something new in front of strangers”
- “I’m worried people might judge what I look like”
- “I don’t know anyone there and feel alone”
- “I have no idea where to even start”
- Central Athlete client Joseph Gabrintina was one of those people.

“I think the biggest obstacle that stood in my way, for many years, just to get into a gym was the anxiety that people would be judging me. With my skinny predisposition, I definitely had anxiety about what people thought about me in the gym”

Joseph came to Central Athlete with a desire to become stronger and to put on more muscle mass. Getting stronger and putting on muscle mass isn’t easy. Add the challenge of both of those goals on top of the general anxiety of joining a new community full of strangers and you’re in a pretty difficult, albeit common, situation in the fitness industry.

This is where Central Athlete is different. Rather than trying to fit all of our clients into a mold, and trying to change them into a passion-filled fitness fanatic, we help our clients become healthier, fitter, and stronger versions of themselves. Our clients define what being healthier and fitter means to them, and we ensure their holistic plan encompasses that.

“Everyone, both staff and members, are really kind and supportive of everyone's individual fitness journey. The individualized programming and knowing that people were coming into the gym to work on their own specific program was empowering to me. I didn't have to compare myself to anyone, just bust out my own workout that suited my specific needs.”

Because of Joseph’s ownership of his journey towards getting stronger and building stronger, he’s been able to accomplish some pretty incredible things:

- 85# Bench Press for 3 reps to Bodyweight Bench Press of 145# for 3 reps
- 120# Back Squat for 5 reps to 210# Back Squat for 3 reps
- 145# Deadlift for 3 reps to 250# Deadlift for 3 reps
- 56 to 66.1 pounds of skeletal muscle mass

All of these feats were accomplished by Joseph with no previous strength training experience.

“I also really like that I've been able to learn a whole bunch of different movements and lifts. I think learning anything, especially physical movements is really exciting. With a dance background, I honestly found it pretty easy to understand how my body is supposed to move to execute a certain exercise, but also challenging to move in different ways that sometimes go completely against what dance tells you (aka squats are literally the opposite of everything you're supposed to do in a plié).”

While the achievements Joseph’s made with his strength and body composition are quite impressive, there have been improvements in other aspects of Joseph’s life, those that are often overlooked when talking about success in the gym.

“Working out consistently has definitely had a positive impact on my mental health. After starting at CA, I've seen a dramatic improvement in the management of my depression. Of course, there are still a few bad days, but now they are far and few in-between.“

And while I can talk on and on about Joseph’s progress with his mental health, his strength, and his body composition, there’s something much more important and special that he’s been able to achieve since joining Central Athlete:

“Consistency. I never thought I'd be someone that consistently goes to the gym and looks forward to it. I always thought those people were crazy. But working out has become a habit that seems completely normal and agreeable with my lifestyle.”

Joseph has become a very special member of the Central Athlete community. He’s known for having the best-looking squat in the gym and for being able to sniff out someone’s astrological sign within minutes.

I strive to create a unique and special relationship with all of my clients here at Central Athlete and joseph and I’s relationship is exactly that.

“I'm glad Tyler finds my humor funny. I always have a new meme to show him every time I come in. He's not just a coach, at this point, I see him as a friend (who just happens to plan out my workouts).“

It’s been an incredible experience getting to work with Joseph over the past. I’ve been privileged to work with such an achieving and generally great person.

The entire Central Athlete community is excited about Joseph’s future as he’ll be moving to New York City to work his dream job! Although the community will miss his presence tremendously, I am excited to take his fitness ventures into a remote setting and continue working with him despite his move across the country.

If joining a gym has been on your list of things to do but you’ve had reservations against doing so, consider Central Athlete. Our team, and more importantly, our community, is more than ready to welcome you, support you, and grow with you on your fitness journey. Schedule a FREE strategy session with me or any of our other wonderful coaches today!

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