August 7, 2022
No Days Off: How Consistency Leads to Continued Success!

Consistency is the biggest determiner of success! When it comes to nutrition, studies show that it doesn't matter what type of “diet” someone follows, such as high carb or high fat; as long as the individual is sticking to whole foods and adhering to the plan consistently, they will see positive results. The same is true for training! We just can't deny that consistency trumps all.

Travis and Rachel’s success, which has come in many forms and is detailed below, is truly a testament to their trust and long-term adherence to their personalized plan designed specifically for them by their Central Athlete coach.

Travis is a working professional in the financial space and started training at Central Athlete after a mutual friend introduced him to his current CA coach, Jesse O’Brien. After two years of frustrating back issues, Travis was ready to get back to the gym and start progressing without pain!

“My experience with Central Athlete has been great. My back pain is virtually gone, which is something a back specialist and physical therapist weren’t able to accomplish. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to consistently work out and make more progress in the past year than I had in the previous couple of years combined” - Travis

After a great experience in the first few months, Travis referred his girlfriend Rachel to Central Athlete. Both of them have now experienced phenomenal results due to their consistency, trust, and determination. This week we want to honor both Travis and Rachel for their hard work and all of the success that has followed!

For Travis, his biggest accomplishment is not missing a single workout programmed by his coach since he started at Central Athlete over 12 months ago! Through holidays and travel, Travis has stayed the course and his fortitude has truly paid off.

“Due to injuries and making up excuses, this was something I was never able to accomplish in the past. Having someone to be accountable to has made a huge difference in the effort I put in both in getting to the gym and working out once I am there.” - Travis

Not only has Travis’ persistence both inside and outside the gym lead to a pain-free life, but he has also seen substantial changes in his body composition. In 12 months Travis has lost 20 pounds of fat mass decreasing his body fat percentage from 15.3% to 6.7% while also increasing both his strength and power.

For Rachel, her biggest accomplishment was hitting a goal she set for herself 15 years ago along with improving her body composition and creating a healthier relationship with aging and her body.

“Hitting my 15-year goal of running a sub-seven-minute mile has been a huge accomplishment for me, along with losing 8% body fat in 16 weeks! My sleep has improved and my anxiety levels have dropped significantly, my energy levels are high and I feel as strong as ever. I have learned more in the past 4 months working with Central Athlete than I did with decades of self-study and trial and error that always lead me back to where I started. I feel better now at 30 than I did at 20 years old.” -Rachel

Since May, Rachel has decreased her mile run from 8:27 to 6:57 and has lost over 10 pounds of fat mass and gained 3.3 pounds of muscle mass!

Both Rachel and Travis have been diligent in following the personalized plan provided by their Central Athlete coach from training to nutrition and even behavioral changes regarding sleep and routine!

Rachel is a remote client who works full-time at Facebook and has also been 100% compliant since starting with Central Athlete. Her biggest goals revolve around losing body fat and increasing strength while continuing to focus on consistency both inside and outside the gym!

“Since starting with Central Athlete I have had to challenge a lot of the misinformation I’ve read over the years and fully trust my coach. It’s clearly paid off, but I had a few doubts in the beginning when I had to challenge my former beliefs. I’ve also had some not so great experiences with trainers in the past but the coaches at Central Athlete are the real deal.” - Rachel

Central Athlete offers more than just a personalized training plan. Through continuous check-ins and a belief that training is just a small piece of the puzzle, the Central Athlete coaches also focus on behavioral changes outside the gym that make the biggest impact on each client’s success.

“It’s nice to know that I have someone there with an extremely impressive amount of knowledge. I have learned a ton about working out and nutrition just from our conversations. When I do have questions or concerns, my coach is always quick to help and the monthly consultations have been a great way to check-in and tweak go-forward plans if necessary” - Travis

If you are tired of wasting your time and money on a plan that leaves you feeling stagnant and unfulfilled, it is time to see what personalized fitness at Central Athlete is all about. Click the below and schedule a free strategy session with a coach today to learn more!

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