August 7, 2022
Never Judge Potential

Gabriel has been working with Founder and Head Coach Jesse since August of 2019. When he first came into Central Athlete’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, “I knew he was a unique individual,” says Jesse. “He was a highly-intelligent 15-year-old living about 30 minutes away with a desire to tap into his physical potential. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think. Would this kid, who is so young and inexperienced and lives far away, be able to make it to the gym consistently?”

Gabriel has taught our staff a valuable lesson: Never judge potential. As a coach, the second you think you can read people, the complicated nature of human beings will surprise you.

“Gabriel doesn’t miss training. He shows up, warms up for about thirty minutes, and gets to work. It’s not too rare to find Gabriel training into the evening for several hours,” says Jesse.

Gabriel has become a beloved member of our community and is respected for his work ethic, especially at such a young age.

Since training with Central Athlete, Gabriel has gained 36 pounds, 21 of which is muscle, and maintained a lean body composition. Additionally, he back-squatted 395#, deadlifted 445#, and bench-pressed 240#.

“My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The people at the gym are friendly and helpful; the gym offers many perks like the ability to choose my own music with Spotify Premium, and the coaches are really on top of things and have techniques for every different situation,” says Gabriel.

Gabriel is considering joining the military after he finishes high school. One of the greatest aspects of Central Athlete is that our model facilitates iterations along each individual’s fitness journey. Beginning this summer, his training will be tailored toward the requirements that will set him up for success with excelling in the military.

“Although Gabriel will be very fit, the interpersonal benefits of personal responsibility, commitment, and training intelligently will trump the physiological benefits of training,” says Jesse. “I’m excited to not only be humbled by Gabriel’s physical prowess, but also the character he has forged in the gym.”

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