August 7, 2022
Live Long & Prosper: Achieving New Levels of Health at 60!

At Central Athlete, our mission is bigger than getting our clients to hit major personal records in lifts, improve their mile run times or lose an impressive amount of fat. Although those happen regularly and are important depending on the individual, we strive to empower clients to live their most fulfilled life, inside & outside of the gym. Colleen is the perfect example of what happens when a coach focuses on the individual and their specific needs; the sky is the limit!

Colleen heard of Central Athlete through her son, Dylan, a competitive CrossFit athlete who trains on-site at our facility in Austin, Texas. Unlike her son, Colleen lives in California. However, after listening to Central Athlete’s founder, Jesse O’Brien, speak about the power of a fitness assessment she knew that working remotely with a coach was the perfect fit for her.

Central Athlete works with an array of individuals with varying goals, from the working professional looking to “live long and prosper” to the competitive athlete looking to make a name for themselves in CrossFit, rock climbing, obstacle course racing, and more.

Colleen, 60 years young, came to Central Athlete to improve her quality of life and get out of pain. She suffered from seasonal allergies, seasonal affective disorder, chronic knee pain, weight gain, and a loss of confidence. Overall, she was no longer feeling like her youthful self when she heard Jesse’s talk and was ready to make a change. From their first conversation, it was clear that Colleen was a motivated individual with a desire to work hard to feel better again!

In the months that followed, her coach was able to learn more about Colleen’s needs and continue to mold a personalized and progressive approach regarding training, nutrition, and behavioral patterns that allowed her to get out of pain, improve her immune system, and even lose fat while building muscle.

“I have had a transforming and amazing experience working with Central Athlete. My goal was to be the best I can be and in the process, I have lost almost 20 pounds and gained muscle definition. My energy has improved as well!” - Colleen

Because Colleen was unable to enjoy life due to feeling under the weather more often than not, she and her coach first collaborated on a plan that would reduce her seasonal allergies by eliminating specific foods that triggered an immune response. This improved her immune system’s resiliency during times of increased allergens in the air.

Regarding Colleen’s knee, after analyzing her movement patterns and performing a series of tests, her coach determined that her pain was likely a result of muscular imbalance. Her training focused on developing more posterior chain activation and awareness along with increasing her overall strength to build resiliency. In just a few short weeks, Colleen saw a big difference in the amount of knee pain she was experiencing, which emphasizes the importance of a thorough assessment before starting any strength training or nutrition program.

Since beginning with Central Athlete in May 2019, Colleen has experienced life-changing results. She has gone from 136 to 120 pounds, while gaining muscle, improved her knee functionality and more importantly, reduced her seasonal allergies. She is now able to be more consistent in the gym because she feels healthy and free of pain!

“She is consistent, works hard, and knows exactly where she wants to go. Her strong-willed nature is the driving force behind how quickly she experienced progress at 61 years old!” - Coach Jesse O’Brien

Central Athlete uses video calls with our remote clients for monthly consults to ensure face-to-face interaction and build the coach-client relationship. Colleen is someone who is diligent about scheduling her monthly consultations, which is the cornerstone of client success.

“My biggest accomplishment has honestly been getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself which took time because I needed to build confidence in myself and my coach. I love my coach, and I totally trust that he knows what he is doing.” - Colleen

With the guidance of her Central Athlete coach, Colleen was able to build the confidence she was lacking and enjoy her life free of pain and perpetual allergies. If you are looking for more individual support to reach your personal health and fitness goals and add quality back to your life, click the link below to speak to a Central Athlete coach to learn more about personalized fitness. We put the pieces together for you by creating a tangible and unique plan to ensure long-term success that leaves you feeling empowered.

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