August 7, 2022
Getting Stronger Through Quarantine: A Commitment to the Process

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into people’s health and fitness goals. Gyms have shut down, and many people have been left to their own devices of improving their lives through fitness. With that, a huge spike in fitness equipment sales has companies on backorder and out of stock on many equipment items. Lack of equipment and training alone can hinder the motivation and drive needed to continue progressing towards our health and fitness goals. Nonetheless, this is not the story of Rob Zaleski, a Central Athlete remote client.

Rob’s journey to Central Athlete was sheer luck after he won a free assessment during a silent auction with our neighbor Sky Candy Acroyoga.

“After meeting Steven, listening to his personalized recommendations, and realizing his expertise, I knew this would help me move toward my goals.” - Rob Zaleski

It was clear during Rob’s initial assessment, that he would have an unwavering commitment to the process.

Wherever he was training, whether that be at home, in his office gym, or at Central Athlete, Rob has attacked every session with a tremendous amount of positivity, drive, and trust.

“Even when Steven isn't at the gym, I always feel like I'm getting excellent feedback and support from the other coaches. I also love that [the Central Athlete] team asks for feedback and takes a constant "what could we be doing better to help you achieve your goals" mindset. Even better, they actually act on the feedback to provide more resources and education. I always feel like everyone at CA is in my corner helping to push me toward my goals.”

This attitude alone makes Rob a special client for any coach to have. What really sets him apart is how he handled the pandemic and continued to make huge strides within his fitness. His commitment to fitness goes beyond just staying on track. Rob invested time and money to upgrade his garage gym in order to get the most out of his training. Even with equipment companies being on constant backorder, he was able to gather a good amount of equipment which includes a mix of dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a TRX strap, and he even added a rower to his arsenal. With the addition of new equipment, and his tremendous, positive attitude, Rob was actually able to enhance his training experience. He continued to trust his coach and stayed committed to the process of his personalized nutrition and training plan which resulted in achieving amazing body composition results.

January 2020 --> June 2020

“I've never had this much muscle in my life. And I've never been, nor felt, this strong.”

Since starting with Central Athlete, Rob has put on 5 lbs of lean muscle mass and has dropped 3% body fat. Rob’s enthusiasm and relentless positivity have continued to carry his momentum through this pandemic. The future is full of potential as he continues to learn and grow through the process of fitness. His story is a true testament of committing to the process and attacking each day with the utmost intent and desire to be better.

“Once the pandemic subsides, I may give the sauna a try...and maybe that cold bath.”

We’ll hold you to that, Rob.

If you’re like Rob and are looking to try something different to improve your quality of life through personalized fitness and nutritional support, schedule a FREE strategy session with one of our professional coaches and find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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