August 7, 2022
Client Highlight: Building on a Strong Foundation

Rarely does a client come along where they fit into a community like a missing puzzle piece, are already committed to the process, and see so much success so early in their training. For Kameron, all three came organically due to his unrelenting positive attitude and his commitment to the daily hours of work necessary for success.

Kameron’s journey started before he ever found Central Athlete. At the beginning of the global pandemic, Kameron took control of himself and his life for the better. Unsatisfied with his body composition and weight, he turned his attention and focused on his nutrition first. He hired a nutrition coach and educated himself on food quality, quantity, and eating to positively influence a better body composition.

From a coach’s perspective, this is a very rare occurrence. Most clients usually trying to change their body through working out and think of nutrition second. While training is certainly a large part of the process, nutrition plays a bigger role. Kameron turning to focus on his nutrition initially is a large part of why he’s been successful in and out of the gym.

Kameron spent months working on his nutrition through the first part of the pandemic. He took his weight from 188 lbs to 165 lbs. This in and of itself is a great achievement. After the weight came off, Kameron turned his focus to strength training.

“I decided to sign up because I was wanting to look at other avenues of fitness and my main focus on weight training and gaining muscle.” - Kameron

We have not looked back since.

Kameron started at Central Athlete with no specific training goals in mind. As a coach, this was a great opportunity to allow him to explore all possibilities of movement, discover what his strengths are, and to learn to express those strengths. The quantifiable achievements are linear in progression.

In under 7 months of training, Kameron has developed the ability to squat over 250 lbs and deadlift 315 lbs. While lifting heavy barbells is always a great expression of one’s strength,  many who have experienced getting their first pull up can recall the exuberant feeling of accomplishment once their chin has surpassed the horizontal plane of the bar. Kameron started training by holding himself over a pull-up bar to develop isometric upper pulling strength. Since then, he is now doing sets of 5+ on his pull-ups.

“Being able to lift heavy is always a great accomplishment but being able to pull my body weight over a bar is a great accomplishment to me.”

Aside from the quantifiable success, from losing 20 lbs, then gaining 10 lbs of muscle back through strength training, the biggest outcome for Kameron from a coach’s perspective, is his unyielding confidence in himself, and in those around him. Kameron’s positive attitude, trust, and success with training and nutrition, have affected him in and out of the gym.

“...just the boost of confidence I have in myself has also made a lasting impact in all facets of my life.”

This impact has led him to make Central Athlete an integral part of his daily life.

“It's truly been an amazing 7 months. I've found solace in the gym and it's my favorite place to be daily. I sometimes go in multiple days when I've already trained just to see people at the gym. I've found something that I love to do and it just happens to help me improve my quality of life daily!”

This love and respect for the gym and the process has positively impacted the coach/client relationship that is so vital for success here at Central Athlete.

“Steven and I's relationship is one that I wouldn't trade for the world. Steven balances being a friend when necessary but also being a coach and pushing me or telling me to shut up and lift (I talk a lot) I wouldn't want to do this journey with anyone else! He's knowledgeable, supportive, funny (kinda), and overall the best coach for me!”

If you’re like Kameron and are looking to try something different to improve your quality of life through personalized fitness and nutritional support, schedule a FREE strategy session with one of our professional coaches below and find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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