August 7, 2022
A Journey to Health and Happiness After Postpartum Depression

Many people have aspirations around losing weight, getting healthier, and improving their physical capacity.  Of course, most everyone wants to feel confident in their own skin, but sticking to a plan long enough to create lasting results can be tough for most individuals. Why? First, we are a society that craves instant gratification. Second, it is difficult for the average person to know which steps need to be taken, when, and in what order to produce lasting change without burnout. Lastly, it can be challenging to find the right support system.

It is easy to daydream about that one day when it all comes together, but the ones who take action today and trust the process of a long-term journey experience so much more than just weight loss and a few personal records in the gym.

This is true of Central Athlete’s On-Site Training client, Savannah, who came to us looking to reclaim her health and lose the weight she had gained during an emotional time in her life. Just like any success story, it did not come overnight for Savannah and like any journey, it is an ongoing process. But, over the last few months, Savannah has not only lost fat mass, improved her ongoing struggle with postpartum depression, gained confidence and strength but has also gained a newfound sense of self.

“I chose to start with Central Athlete because at that point in time I needed a teammate and more accountability. My son was 7 months old or so and between the general chaos of being a new mom and coping with the physical changes and dynamic shifts at home, I also had debilitating postpartum depression. When I met with Amanda the first time, I was completely vulnerable and honest about where I was at physically and emotionally. I felt like Amanda really heard me and could help me on my journey back to a version of myself I could recognize.”

Savannah struggled with consistency before coming to Central Athlete and even during the first few months of working together, but through perseverance and continuing to engage with her coach, she was able to truly understand why regaining her health was a necessity for her.

“Consistency is one of my biggest accomplishments since starting at Central Athlete. I had started and stopped so many different things and it was only putting me further away from my ultimate goals. I even tried to quit CA at one point, but Amanda helped me with a plan that gave me baby steps into a regular routine. Instead of being punitive and writing me off, which is what I might have expected, she heard me and met me where I was. I think that was the critical step in my journey.”

After a few productive consultations, Savannah realized that her biggest priority was less about weight loss and more about living a fulfilling life and being a good role model for her son. As she put it in one of our consultations, she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” After collaborating on a plan that supported Savannah’s most important objectives and met her where she was currently in nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and training, she had the confidence to pursue her new collaborative plan with consistency.

Five months into her journey with Central Athlete, Savannah lost 18.5 pounds of fat mass resulting in a 10% change in body fat mass. But, even more importantly she has regained her confidence and her sense of self. She is more vibrant and energetic and has even titrated off her depression medication with the guidance of her doctor.

When a client feels confident in completing a task, there will be high compliance which ultimately leads to great results and feelings of success. If a client does not feel confident that he or she can complete the task at hand, low compliance is the result which leads to feelings of failure and frustration.

A successful plan is one that supports the client’s goals, has low resistance and builds upon actions slowly overtime. Savannah’s plan started very simply and has increased in complexity due to her high compliance and confidence in the prescription. She now trains 4 days per week consistently, even while traveling for work or vacation, she sticks to a balanced nutrition plan, goes on daily walks and ensures that she gets a minimum amount of sun exposure and high-quality sleep which is instrumental in supporting her body’s own production of serotonin (the “feel-good” neurotransmitter).

“Having Amanda has made it where I don't give up where I may have before. She pushes me where I need it and reminds me to have grace for myself and celebrate my growth.”

At Central Athlete, our biggest mission is to “teach clients how to fish” which means we provide tools and strategies that they can use over a lifetime while encouraging a high degree of autonomy, yet with the support necessary to succeed. With anything, this takes time as true progress is never linear. Savannah is a testament to that. Stay tuned as her success story is not over, and although she has grown tremendously and experienced a lot of success, this is truly just the beginning!

If you are tired of putting your money and time into a program that yields minimal results and lacks support and personalized guidance, click the link below to learn about personalized fitness and schedule a strategy session with a Central Athlete coach today!

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