November 25, 2023
A "Data Nerd" Falls in Love with Personalized Fitness

For many individuals, staying active is a large priority in their lives. However, it can be common to put fitness on the back-burner when life presents challenges such as moving, a promotion at work, or starting a family.

Jen Biundo, a wife and mother of two, works in policy and data analysis for the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Her fitness journey began a long time ago when she fell in love with recreational activities such as yoga, hiking, and biking. In her 30’s she found CrossFit and saw the benefit to strength training, but without a solid routine while working full time and raising young children, she quickly found herself “out of shape”.

When Jen’s office relocated to Springdale General, she reached out to Central Athlete to take control of her health and fitness once again!

“I will admit that the website had me feeling a little intimidated! CA seemed so serious and hardcore for a girl who just wanted to get stronger and fit back into her jeans. But two minutes into the consult, I was ready to sign on. Tyler was so friendly and positive, and I loved the way he talked about the community of the gym and the holistic framework we’d be using. It felt like something that would work in my life, and that I wanted to be a part of.”

Jen loved the idea of having a coach that focused more on the holistic aspects of achieving her goals and not just on what happens inside the gym. Having a coach who cares about her as a whole person, and not just a number in a class, was a model she knew would work for her.

Early in the consultative process, it was apparent that Jen understood the importance of aligning her priorities with her programming. Since Jen’s social life is important to her,  it was imperative that her plan supports her need for balance within her life. As a result of a personalized plan that takes this into account, Jen has been able to adhere to both her training and nutritional prescription with a compliance rate of 95% that has resulted in continuous success month after month.

“CA has been an amazing experience. Walking into the gym on any given day, you find a super supportive community full of people of a wide range of abilities, all cheering each other on. Between the community and the coaches, the gym is a really positive and welcoming environment.”

While the community provides Jen with an incredible support system, the detailed methods of progression, and evidence-based, individualized approach that Central Athlete takes, connected with her on a deeper level and allowed her to trust the process and move steadfastly towards her goals!

“Having a professional coach design workouts specifically tailored to your current abilities and goals is such an efficient way to work out, and it pays off fast. As a data nerd, it’s so neat to see the science and knowledge that goes into crafting individualized workouts.”

In the last 7 months, Jen has progressed tremendously towards her body composition goals by consistently building muscle mass and losing body fat each month. As we age, building muscle mass can become more difficult due to age-related sarcopenia which starts taking effect around age 30. Jen’s success at 40 years old is a testament to her consistency and the effectiveness of a personalized training and nutrition plan.

Although those results are incredibly valuable to Jen, her biggest win goes deeper than that.

“My biggest accomplishment has been successfully setting the habit of going to the gym four times a week. On a typical day, it’s not something I have to think about anymore – I just wake up, put on my gym clothes, and go. Habit-setting doesn’t sound sexy, but hands down, it’s been key. And the result of that consistency provides such great positive reinforcement.”

Speaking of results, Jen has progressed from:

Dumbbell loaded Romanian deadlifts to barbell deadlifts from the ground @115# for 8 reps
A 13-second supinated chin over vertical plane hold for 1 set, to a 45-second hold for 4 sets
On top of these improvements, Jen has also progressed towards completing her first strict chin-up! By prioritizing scapular stability, and isometric pulling strength first, we were able to create a very strong base of support for her.

“I went from being able to do zero chin-ups – like not even remotely close to being able to get one – to being able to do three in a row (okay, maybe with a slight arm bend cheat, but I’m still claiming it).”

At Central Athlete, honesty and trust are key in the coach/client relationship. Having open air to speak, think, and collaborate with your coach is essential. For Jen, the connection with her coach is an important part of her success.

“How cool is it to have someone whose job it is to help you get strong and fit? It feels like such a privilege to have someone who shares the goal of your success and knows how to make it happen. Tyler is always so supportive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, and the monthly check-ins are great for planning and reflection. Talking about personal things like weight and body image could feel vulnerable and fraught, but Tyler handles it with such positivity and emotional intelligence.”

Throughout her journey with Central Athlete, Jen has not only improved tremendously inside and outside the gym but has also used her newfound strength to explore hobbies that have brought more fulfillment and joy into her life.

“I just turned 40, and thanks to CA I’m stronger than I’ve literally ever been before in my life. I’m also finding fun ways to use this new strength, and I’ve just started taking trapeze classes! It’s been such a positive and joyful experience all around and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.”

While the successes Jen has experienced are unique to her, her overall client experience at Central Athlete is not. If you are desiring to make a change and take control of your health and fitness, schedule a FREE strategy session with a Central Athlete coach today!

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