14 Apr

Why is an Assessment Crucial to Your Success?

Just looking to sweat with some friends and not really serious about progress and results, feel free to skip this video. Assessments are only for those who are serious about their health and fitness.

You read the above sub-title correctly. If you're still reading, we appreciate your seriousness. As mentioned, not every needs an assessment. Who does?

Someone wanting to:

Maximize progress: The assessment is designed to collect data that is used to build your fitness program. The data provides an objective method to track progress.

Learn: During the assessment, the coach goes over the "why" behind every test that is done. This helps "teach the client how to fish".

Prevent injury: Statistics indicate that the chances of injury are high among people starting a new training plan. The assessment reveals problematic areas so the coach and client can prioritize the areas that need improvement.

Long term results: The rate of adaptation varies per individual, sooner than later, what you are doing will no longer provide the results they once did. The assessment provides the coach the information needed to provide long term results.

If you are ready to work with professionals who have a proven assessment system that ensures results then click the link below!

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