21 Sep

Personal Training For a Quarter The Price

Braxton Walcott came to Central Athlete with the goal of improving strength—primarily measured by his back squat.He has done just that. “My squat is a testament to the programming. The weeks of single-leg work, back and core stability exercises have developed my squat so much that I am now effectively squatting over 300 lbs. After the first four months of training, I feel much stronger with an over 300-pound back squat than I did four months earlier under 285 lbs,” says Braxton. Braxton was a “typical” gym guy. He did bench press, curls, leg extensions, etc. “The game changed when I came to Central Athlete...There is nothing better than waking up each day knowing a professional is creating and effectively communicating with me on my day-to-day training. He knows my goals, creates a plan and I put in the work,” he says. Braxton is an ideal On-Site Training client, according to his Coach Justin Krause. “Braxton is the kind of guy you just want to be around. His attitude and charisma are one-of-a-kind. During our first consult I knew that when he gave his word on something, he would stick to it. Sure enough, every day he comes to the gym with a desire for improvement. You can’t help but get inspired by watching him work.” Our On-Site Training bridges the gap between personal training and other forms of fitness, such as group classes or do-it-yourself-style workouts. “Not only is On-Site Training individually designed toward the client’s goals, but it is also much more cost effective,” says Coach Justin. Personal training rates range anywhere from $70-$125, if not more, for a one-hour session. If a client went this route and wanted to train just twice a week you are looking at between $560-$1000 per month. “On-Site Training begins at $299/month and the number of training sessions is determined based upon the clients’ goals, schedule and what their lifestyle supports.” braxton-3Braxton has aligned his lifestyle toward the results he was initially seeking at Central Athlete. “I am eating more and getting stronger while also losing 4-5% body fat since I started. Can’t beat that,” he says. “I am thoroughly enjoying working with Central Athlete. I honestly couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. It’s a pleasure.” Here is a sample of Braxton’s current training plan: Monday A: Front Rack Mobility B1: Wall Deadbug; 5/leg x 3; rest 30s B2: GHD Hip Extension: 10-12 x 3; rest 60s C: Front Squat @ 14X1; 4, 3, 4, 3, 4; rest 3 mins D1: Push Up; @4242; AMRAP (-2); rest 90s D2: Horizontal Bar Row @2121; 8-10; rest 90s x 3-4 E: Single Arm Sled Pull; 100ft/arm x 5-6; rest 60s b/t arms Tuesday A: SL Glute Bridge; 30s/leg x 2; rest 15s b/t legs B1: Cossack Squat; 6-8/leg x 4; rest 30s B2: Russian Step Up; 6-8/leg x 4; rest 30s/90s C: 30 mins @ sustainable pace400m Row 25s Batwing Hold 400m Row 5 Kipping Pull Ups 400m Row 40s FLR on Rings Wednesday Rest Thursday A: DL @11X1; 2.2.2. x 5; rest 20s/2-3 min B: Goblet Squat; 20 x 4; rest as needed C1: Bent Over Row @2020; 12-15; rest 60s C2: Glute Bridge DB Bench @2020; 10-12; rest 90s x 4 D1: Double Under Jumps; 45-50s x 5; rest 30s D2: Power Singles; 45-50s x 5; rest 60s Friday A: Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean; 1.1.1 x 6; rest as needed B: Strict Pull Up Ladder; 3-4-5-4-3-2-3-4-3-2-1 C: 30 min Row @ continuous pace; every 5 mins do 2 Wall Walks Saturday A: Hang Snatch; 2 E90s x 6 B: Sled Push; 75ft x 6-8; rest as needed C: Back Rack Yoke Hold; 18s x 4-5; rest 2+ min Sunday Rest #be unique

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