01 Feb

Nutritional Habit Creation

Imagine waking up and going on a walk, cooking a healthy breakfast, prepping food for the day and going to the gym. Ask majority of people and they would like for this to be their routine, problem is they want it yesterday. Central Athlete focuses on behavioral change to get each client to make these changes on their own, while providing education to why each is important.

We thought it would be fun and insightful to look at what each Coach at Central Athlete eats in a typical day. Like all of you, each of us have different goals, body compositions, routines and yet one thing holds true….each of us know how to optimize our bodies! This doesn’t happen overnight, nor does the learning ever end. Each of us have put in the time and effort to create habits and have learned what works for us and we practice what we preach!

YES, we know health and fitness requires continuous habits and quality choices! Us Coaches eat vegetables rather than candy bars because we are adults and know better, not because we don’t like candy bars, some of us do. But small habits conducted over time lead to a measurable change.

Stop living with the viewpoint of seeing how much you can get away with before it catches up to you. We challenge you to change your mindset to optimal function and see how great you can become.

Developing health, optimal body composition, recovery or performance comes from years of tweaking the nutrition profile that works best for you. We are here to help! Think about how great it would be to wake up every day and make unconscious decisions that will yield energy and confidence that you are doing everything in your power to live life to its fullest!

That’s exactly what we want to show you.

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