28 Jun

BLG'S On The Road

Travel often? Find it difficult to maintain structure while on the road?

Five concepts to create a strong insurance policy when you are on the road:

Goal: 20 mins per day on 40% of your body
Why: Vitamin D - regulates over 1,000 different genes in the body

Goal: Easy, low intensity movement throughout the day - 10,000 steps
Why: Creates great blood flow and lymph movement to detoxify the body

Goal: More than half of your bodyweight in ounces while traveling
Why: Great for energy management and immune function

Goal: 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep
Why: One night of poor sleep will put you into an insulin resistant state which will impact how your regulate sugars

Goal: Roughly 1g per pound of bodyweight
Why: Helps repair at the cellular level and suppresses appetite 

When clients understand the WHY behind the prescription they are more likely to abide by their Coaches recommendations. Central Athlete Coaches give in-depth explanations behind all of their recommendations which leads to greater compliance from the client and ultimately better resultsClick the link below if you want to finally learn what is best for YOU

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