16 Nov

8 Reasons Why You Want to Manage Blood Sugar

If you want to get lean and add muscle, you HAVE to manage your blood sugar.

Before entering the conversation of managing blood sugar, one must earn the right by mastery of all Level 1 nutritional changes:

Food Quality

Improving health and getting leaner means less sugar and a decreased consumption of processed carbohydrates which, over time, will lead to improved insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity and better management of blood sugars are essential for long-term health. 

The 8 reasons why you should manage your blood sugar:

1. Longevity - insulin is the hormone responsible for aging
2. Dysregulation of cortisol - leads to cortisol overshoot, which stores weight around the midsection
3. Testosterone benefits - the more insulin you have, the LESS testosterone you are able to produce
4. Thyroid support - the more insulin you produce, the more your thyroid is down- regulated (slows metabolism)
5. Aromatization of testosterone into estrogen
6. Difficult to lose fat when you are insulin resistant
7. Difficult to build and increase muscle mass - calories are converted into fat rather than muscle
8. All-cause mortality increase by 50% if you are overfat

This concept is highly individualized and these are only general principles. 

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