What Is Your BMW?
24 Jan

What Is Your BMW?

No, we aren’t talking about the latest year model of the 328i.

BMW is a catchy phrase that we use to describe one of our assessment models - Body, Move, Work.

This model is designed to illustrate balance between the following:

  • Body Composition
  • Strength
  • Work Capacity

Living well and prospering is a common goal shared amongst majority of people and this series of tests allows people to objectively see what they need to prioritize whether that is strength training, aerobic capacity, nutrition or lifestyle principles.

Body, Move, Work

This gives your coach insight into your physical limitations so that they immediately deliver you the appropriate exercises in your program. This will keep you safe and it will focus your energy towards improving the right things.

Once your coach knows where you then it’s time to train.

If you’re curious where you stand in this assessment then now is your chance to participate in one of our FREE BMW sessions by clicking the link below.


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