Optimizing Body Composition
01 Mar

Optimizing Body Composition

Before we get into the sexy stuff that everyone wants to hear, we’re going to preface this with how we structure improving someone’s body composition.

Imagine a pyramid.

Now imagine trying to build or detail the top of the pyramid when the bottom is, at best, questionable. Doesn’t make much sense.

This holds true when trying to work on body composition.

Principle 1: Stress

Caused by: sleep, environmental, emotional, toxic relationships and work issues

There needs to be an investigation into what the stressor is and then a plan of action to overcome it.

Principle 2: Sleep

Goal: 8 ½ hour of uninterrupted sleep in a cool dark room

Principle 3: Nutrition

If we aren’t feeding our bodies with proper nutrients, then we will never achieve the body composition we desire.

Protein and blood sugar management are key here. Protein is your best tool to increase skeletal muscle mass and blood sugar management is best used to reduce fat mass.

Principle 4: Training

Specific training protocols are designed to increase lactic acid production which in turn stimulates growth hormone. High concentrations of growth hormone has been correlated to lower body percentages.

If there is any level of the pyramid that you are struggling with, or want to know how you can optimize what you are currently doing, click the link below to schedule a FREE strategy session with one of our health and fitness consultants.


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