Central Athlete client

Zack Pyler

I first began individualized coaching with Central Athlete a little less than 2 years ago. I had a goal to be competitive in the sport of fitness, but didn’t quite know how to get there. I was about 260 pounds, and I couldn’t do a strict pull up. From the start, Central Athlete showed commitment to my goals and my program. We did some comprehensive testing to test strength, stability, and endurance. For a long time my program consisted largely of building a solid foundation of technique and stability. To this day I have never sustained an injury while training (knock on wood.) Central Athlete has always been quick to answer my questions through e-mails or texts. They are always more than willing to sit down and discuss the direction of the program, or questions about technique. Starting the 2015 open I am under 240 lbs (I would be lower, if I followed all of their direction) I have a max snatch of 255, clean of 345, and I can back squat 445 lbs. Since I’ve always been a stronger guy, the skill movements I have developed are my greatest accomplishments. I recently did 11 unbroken muscle ups, I am proficient in double unders, and I can walk on my hands. Doing individualized program has facilitated me being able to grow as an athlete, and become a better coach myself. I have more knowledge of my body and the way it works. I know that without their guidance I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today. You should do individualized programming if you are serious about your goals. Having a knowledgeable coach that determines your programming allows you to hit weaknesses that you may otherwise ignore. I am beyond satisfied with my experience, and am excited to keep on getting better.
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