Central Athlete client

Todd Frederking

“When you are middle aged and fighting it hard, 2 surgeries in 90 days can break your will. You wake up tired because sleep is still a struggle. You are in pain physically, mentally and emotionally. Dragging yourself to the gym to figure out how to do (things) with one arm while you watch others with half your fortitude enjoy range of motion you barely remember. You start to let that internal tape of self pity and anger take over. You want to quit. And then, at the explicit moment that you need it most, you get a random text from your Coach. And you remember that it’s darkest before dawn. You are then grateful – to move – to breathe – to live – and to FIGHT. And you are thankful for a blessing delivered to you in the form of a guy named Justin Krause (CA coach) And you get your (butt) back to work.”

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