Central Athlete client

Ryan Berber

I began working with Central Athlete four years ago with the goal of improving my fitness despite long work hours. Over that time, through a combination of One-on-One and Remote Coaching services, I have improved every measurable aspect of my fitness. What I’ve enjoyed the most is threefold. First is that Central Athlete tailors what we do based upon my objectives. We set realistic yet challenging goals that take a few months to achieve and then move on to the new ones after they have been accomplished. Thus keeping the workouts fresh and my motivation high. The second is that Central Athlete has been incredibly accommodating in regards to my schedule. Working in finance, the length of my days can be unpredictable, and Central Athlete has always worked with me to make sure we maintain consistency with my training. Lastly, my body is totally transformed from when we started working out together and I feel so much more confident in every situation from meetings to the beach. 

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