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Owen O'Brien

GREAT EXPERIENCE! I worked with Amanda late last year before my February 2017 wedding. I was already active and nutritionally conscious when she started coaching me but I had mostly plateaued. I wanted to get a bit leaner and stronger so that I could continue progressing in my favorite sport — rock climbing — and would look my best at my February wedding. She helped me make the incremental changes I needed to continue improving rapidly. I progressed from three to thirteen strict pull-ups and, in four months, dropped two percentage points in body fat, landing me in the "athlete" range of body fat, which made me feel pretty cool :) My friends even started noticing and complimenting my abs! Most importantly, Amanda was so conscious of honoring my passions and unique goals: I was able to keep rock climbing and doing yoga as much as I wanted (vs. having to give this up for days doing snatches and deadlifts in the gym). She helped me build the extra stuff, like a little leg work and more protein, around my activities of preference so they fit into my life seamlessly and sustainably! There is no other place I would trust to respect my individual fitness needs and goals while also being so thorough and scientifically minded that they are still able to be really effective (and prevent injury so I can keep climbing forever!!)! I will work with them again and again throughout my life :) Also, she is knowledgeable about really cool woman stuff like naturally balancing hormones!

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