Central Athlete client

Michael Gallagher

I came to Texas because of a promotion with my company. I work in the alcohol industry and was presented with an opportunity to relocate to Austin. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do as far as training. I knew that I wanted to change from CrossFit-style workouts and start looking at more dynamic programs. I certainly didn’t know what it meant and looked like with the amount of traveling I was going to do covering Texas and Oklahoma. Dropping last-minute changes on Jesse on a regular basis probably wasn’t too much fun for him but he always adjusts accordingly and with the same challenge. I have taken to heart the training I want to do and the time my coach puts into designing that program. The least I can do, is do what is assigned, and let him see if the program is working. The beauty of this is that we are all told how unique we are, so why would one type of workout work for all of us? Our programming should be as unique and dynamic as we are. This training does just that.

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